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Talking The Sevii Island Medley - Finally finished and ready!

So, basically this is a story that I started nearly a year ago for a story deal... which fell through because I bit off way more than I could chew and ended up with a plot that simply couldn't end quickly and lost my interest pretty badly. Then it pretty much sat stagnant forever until I agreed to do a story deal with someone else a few months ago and redoubled my efforts to finish it. Which isn't saying much, since it still ended up huge and took forever. However, the almost-finished product I present now is only missing perhaps two scenes. So basically, if you have a penchant for reading... or a death wish... and you decide to try reading this... you'll probably be done about the same time I finish the ending. Damn, I should've gone for a frickin' P-Z. Oh well. Enjoy.

The Sevii Island Medley

A girl of fifteen, with an average build, sat typing at an old Apple computer, playing a game just as outdated as the machine itself. She sighed from boredom and raised a hand to straighten the pink glasses that rested, slightly askew, on her small, button nose, and blinked her vibrant blue eyes. As random strands of dark red hair snuck their way slowly towards the thin rose-colored line that was her tightly pressed mouth, she blew them out of the way with soft bursts of air.

Katrina was miserable in her stuffy, garishly yellow and pink bedroom, with its gaudy, flowered wallpaper. She would much rather have been on sunny Three Island with her parents, rather than this dismally mild and cloudy island, but unfortunately, the young girl had no choice. Katrina had been forced to remain on the hazy Four Island when her parents had decided that she wasn't safe with those ruffians running rampant just outside their vacation home. But, she lamented sadly, her parents had stayed on the beautiful island, if for no other reason than to make sure their house remained guarded.

The restless trainer wouldn't have felt nearly as bored if she had been given permission to play on Four Island's high hills with the Pokemon her grandparents took care of for Kanto's intrepid trainers, but she was denied even that simple pleasure by her aged grandmother, whose only excuse for the restriction was the irrational fear that Katrina would hurt herself running around outside. Katrina hadn't had the heart to subject her beloved Charmander to the misery she knew she would have to endure, so she let him loose to play with the Pokemon that she was so unfairly cut off from. So, the trainer had spent the last week and a half playing ancient computer games on a computer so old it couldn't even connect to the Internet. Katrina didn't understand why she couldn't just use one of the machines in the Center, but her grandmother, of course, was afraid she would accidentally allow a virus to infiltrate the system. So, Katrina remained shut up in her room, only leaving its vice-like grip on her life to eat in the kitchen.

As Katrina finished the old-fashioned video game yet again, she turned to her bed, namely the newspaper folded neatly upon it. Though the girl had read the headline article numerous times, she kept turning back to it every once in a while. For Katrina, it was the only connection she had with the real world outside her bedroom. The date at the top was July 7, 2008. The paper was ten days old. It's headline read, in large, black type:


Yesterday, a group of over twenty surly men arrived on Three Island, aboard a hired ship which also carried their vehicles of choice: motorcycles. The gang members refer to themselves as "The Cruisers," a name which certainly would not imply any lawless intentions among the cyclists. However, citizens have been crying out to the island's Government Council, headed by Mayor Wesley Greene, about the noise and their fear for their belongings.

"Until the Cruisers arrived," explains vacationer Julia Fawnsworth, "Three Island was once a place of blissful tranquility and beautiful scenery. We haven't had a single robbery here in over three years, since that dreadful break-in at the Pokemon Center. But with these hooligans running around, I haven't been able to hear myself think during the day, and at night they carouse in the neighborhood bar. Frankly, I'm afraid I'm going to be the victim of a break-in, or worse! I will most certainly be heading the effort to rid our peaceful island of any Cruisers."

In fact, Mrs. Fawnsworth began gathering signatures this morning on a petition to eject the unwanted visitors from Three Island. This petition, according to official records, was signed by over eighty per cent of the island's permanent citizens over the age of eighteen, and many who are just vacationing. The signatures were brought before the council around three o' clock this afternoon, when they met for their weekly session.

After the meeting, Mayor Greene had this to say:

"While we recognize the citizens' plight, it is the Council's unfortunate duty to dismiss a petition of such a malicious nature. As of now, there is no significant evidence that the Cruisers have been involved in any organized gang crime, and their only true offense seems to be the amount of noise their motorcycles cause. Therefore, we cannot peacefully endeavor to remove them from the island, and the use of force is simply not an option. In an answer to our citizens' main complaints, however, we have begun drafting a new ordinance which will prohibit the riding of motorcycles which do not pass noise regulations, by anyone, visitor or citizen, in residentially zoned areas. It is natural that people, whether searching for residence or simply an island getaway would choose our beautiful island, and we as a council will not remove that privilege from any party because of stereotypical accusations without good reason."

This statement aroused a certain amount of public outcry, but many citizens less adamant about the removal of The Cruisers told us that they were satisfied with the council's effort to create the noise-level ordinance. Members of the cyclist gang also spoke with us about the Mayor's statement, with a general satisfaction and a disposition that suggests they will peacefully comply with any future ordinances passed because of their presence.

"We just want to enjoy the sun and fresh air," said one member, who preferred not to be named. "We're not here to commit crimes or disturb anyone."

For now, it appears that the motorcyclists are here to stay, at least for the summer, and that the citizens' cries may be more of an overreaction than rational thinking. As always, the Three Island Tribute will strive to keep its readers informed on any developments regarding this intriguing new story.

-by Stephanie Gray

Suddenly, Katrina's bedroom door opened. A short, thin man with a warm smile and wispy, white hair entered the room. He was wearing a knitted sweater made of wool dyed red and green, which to his granddaughter looked rather itchy. He extended a wizened hand towards Katrina, and she saw that he was clutching a colorful, plastic rectangle.

"Kat," he began in a slightly raspy, yet gentle voice, "I visited the docks today and got you this." He opened his hand to show her what he had been holding, and she recognized at once what it was.

"It's a Rainbow Pass," she said quietly, in disbelief.

"Yes," continued her grandfather, "and it'll give you access to any of the Sevii Islands, whenever you like. But there's something even better..."

Katrina was dumbfounded. She still couldn't believe what she was hearing, and yet there was more? The old man wasted no time explaining.

"They had a special deal going today. Everyone who signs up for a Rainbow Pass also gets free passage on a cruise to Resort Gorgeous. And I'm giving you permission to go." The young girl's jaw dropped. She had been trapped in a dismal old bedroom for over a week, and she was suddenly getting the chance of a lifetime to visit one of the places she had been dreaming about for years. Then Katrina remembered a small flaw in that plan.

"But, Grandma--"

"Doesn't even know," the old man finished Katrina's sentence for her. "And by the time she does, you'll be long gone on the best vacation of your life!"

"Oh, thank you, Grandpa!" the girl yelled, rushing forward to bombard her grandfather with a hug that nearly knocked him over. He merely grunted, but kept smiling happily. As the old man turned to walk downstairs, Katrina followed him. She knew her grandfather would only be watching the news on TV, but she was so excited, she had forgotten to be miserable about the television being in black and white.

As the old man turned the knob that made the glass screen crackle to life, Katrina took a seat on the musty, plaid couch in the back of the room. The bad picture quality made it hard for her to see what was going on, but luckily the sound still worked as well as ever. After a number of monotonous stories that made Katrina wonder why she had come down to watch the news reports in the first place, she suddenly heard something that caught her attention.

"...Three Island, where a local Pokemon Center was robbed last night at ten-thirty PM. A citizen of the island reports seeing two black motorcycles speeding away from the Center, each with a sidecar attached. The informant claims that he could not get a good look at the sidecars' contents in the dark, but believes that each car held a bulging burlap sack, which are assumed to have held the numerous Pokeballs stolen from the Center last night. The two motorcycles were found early this morning by police, who had been searching through the night for the culprits. However, the riders, as well as the Pokeballs, had already disappeared.

Though there is no evidence to absolutely incriminate possible suspects, the owners of the motorcycles in question have been taken into police custody, and popular outrage has again been directed to the motocyclist gang, the Cruisers, to which the bike owners are known to belong. The police department would issue no statement at this time, but already members of the public have begun once again to petition for the removal of the Cruisers from Three Island. It appears that the Council may bend to the citizens' will this time, as Spokesperson McNamara alluded to the possibility of an informal hearing in which the members of the Cruisers not directly involved in the crime will be questioned regarding public allegations of organized criminal activity. Be sure to continue watching Channel 3 for any breaking news on the Cruisers and the Pokemon Center robbery.

From Three Island, this has been correspondent Jack Ryan reporting."

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

Katrina woke up the next morning filled with an excitement she hadn't felt since the day her family had gotten onto the boat in Vermillion City to sail to Three Island. As soon as she had collected her thoughts and rubbed away any traces of grogginess from her eyes, the exuberant young girl leapt out of bed and pulled on her favorite shirt, bright red with a picture of Torchic emblazoned boldly on its front, stuffed her legs into a pair of blue jeans shorts, and finished the ensemble with her usual pink-rimmed glasses. She knew the weather outside would be unpleasant at first, but the boat for Island Five and Resort Gorgeous was leaving in just an hour, and then it would be all sunshine and sea for the next three days. Katrina grabbed the large sack she had packed all of her extra clothes in and began her descent downstairs.

It was nearly ten o' clock, and Katrina's grandmother was already hard at work inside the Daycare Center, but the girl's grandfather was sitting in the living room watching the news when Katrina walked in. As she did, the old man stood and tossed her a Pokeball.

"I took the liberty of slipping Charmander out under your grandmother's nose last night," he explained.

His granddaughter rushed forward to embrace him yet again. She hugged him tight, relishing the moment, and said, "Thank you so much, Grandpa!" profusely.

"Anything for my little Kat," he responded with a grunt, though none of his voice's warmness had been lost to his granddaughter's constricting embrace. "Have fun, sweetie."

"...But you're coming to see me off, right?" Katrina responded, somewhat taken aback.

"Alas, I can't," the old man replied sadly, "Your grandmother would kill me if I wasn't at the Center by ten. But I'll be right here when you get back, I promise... You should head to the docks now if you want to be there on time. You've got name tags on everything?"

"Of course, Grandpa."

"And extra underwear?" he asked jokingly.

Katrina rolled her eyes and responded, "Of course, Grandpa."

"I love you, Kat," the old man said. "I'll see you in a few days."

"Love you too," the girl responded, "Bye, Grandpa."

And with that, Katrina walked out the front door, with one last smile and wave in her grandfather's direction. As she looked around the island, even its hazy atmosphere couldn't put a damper on her mood. Instead, as Katrina looked at the scenery with such excitement, the haze almost seemed to cast a glossy glow on everything she saw. Looking back once more, the young trainer stared out into the low clouds that veiled the icy caves to the east. On her right, a short expanse of pale green grasses fell away to a small, rocky cliff, and then... nothing but glistening blue ocean.

She made her way past a red-roofed Pokemon Center, across the endless expanse of pale grass and small, vibrant flowers. Off in the distance, the grey harbor building loomed into view. Katrina took her time making her way to the stout building, breathing in the crisp sea air for the first time since shutting herself away in her grandparents' house. After fifteen minutes of walking and looking around at the hazy seascape, the girl had finally reached her destination.

The harbor building was small, serving only to contain a few administrative offices, as the more important maintenance stations were positioned on the larger islands. Instead of venturing inside the old, wooden door in the front of the building, Katrina circled to the back, noting the places where the grey paint was pulling away from the worn wood. Once in the building's rear, she stopped to look on in awe at the vessels docked there.

The ship closest to her was small, obviously only big enough for a few rooms. Its paint was peeling off, and seaweed flanked its sides, as well as the ropes tied in strategic points around the bow. S.S. Floe was written in faded black ink on the back of the vessel. Katrina crossed her fingers, but was confident she wouldn't be taking that ship anyway.

The other boat, however, was simply magnificent. Its paint was brilliantly white, and it was much larger than the S.S. Floe. Glistening glass windows decorated its sides, and Katrina could just imagine the affluent rooms inside. Glittering scarlet ink designated that the ship was called the S.S. Rocket, and the young girl's heart pounded with excitement as she thought about the cruise that lay ahead. She headed to the large window in the back of the harbor building that served as a ticket booth and presented her shining plastic Rainbow Pass to the skinny young man at the window.

"Katrina Lake..." he said, pausing to rub his bristly chin with one hand. "Hold on a moment." The young man walked to the back of the room and said something, though Katrina couldn't make out exactly what.

"Someone will be out to take your bags in just a moment," he said in his drawling voice when he had returned to the window, then continued, "You will be boarding that ship."

The young man pointed at the old vessel, and Katrina's heart sank. The young man must have detected her emotions, because he said, "Oh, don't worry, there's a much nicer ship waiting on Five Island. But to get you there, you'll be taking the S.S. Floe. The other ship is privately owned by a man who's been visiting often lately. He's very, very, rich... Look, there he is now, coming off of the boat..."

He pointed toward the far dock, where a well-dressed man was walking towards the harbor building. He was thin, though well-built, unlike the harbor worker, who was quite lanky. The man walked with an air of arrogance, and his dark glasses studded with what looked like diamonds only increased the aura of immense wealth. His sleek, black hair was parted neatly and combed back, adding to the sharpness of his face, especially his upturned nose and disapproving mouth.

Katrina was distracted from the man by two new arrivals, though these two came from the harbor building. One, who the girl didn't get a good look at, turned and walked toward the rich man, while the other, who greatly resembled the man in the ticket window, walked in her direction, nodded curtly, and said, "I'll take your bag."

As she handed over the large sack, the man in the window said, "You've got almost fifteen minutes until your ship leaves. You can hang around here if you like, but you can also take a walk, I guess."

Katrina chose the latter option. She wanted to get a better look at the man who owned the other ship. The girl walked slowly towards the other end of the building, taking in the sheer resplendence of the large ship. Suddenly, she heard snappy voices, and stopped.

"I want those Pokeballs in my cargo hold in forty-five minutes," said one voice, silky and demeaning.

A deep, rough voice responded, "Of course, sir." Katrina could tell this was the second worker she had seen come out of the building. The other must have been the rich man.

"Good. I don't want anyone suspecting my organization of having any involvement in the robbery. Those pitiful bikers are doing a pleasantly surprising job of keeping the public eye trained on them. Let's keep it that way, shall we?"

"Of course."

"I have some business to attend to in a certain subterranean area, and I want everything ready to go when I get back. Understood?"

"Anything for a paying customer, Mr. Vanni," the sailor said. Suddenly, Katrina realized that the conversation had ended, and the worker would round the corner any moment. She had no escape.

"Well, what's this?" the burly man said, training his eyes on the scared trainer.

"What is it, MacMillan? Something give you a little scare?" the soft voice came from around the corner. The mysterious Mr. Vanni then snickered at his own joke.

"No, sir. It merely seems that we are a very interesting topic for ahhh... personal research."

"You don't say, MacMillan? Us, interesting? Why don't you bring our little snoop to the van so I can introduce myself properly?"

Katrina attempted to turn, but her right arm was suddenly clamped in the stocky man's large fist and twisted behind her back. His other hand covered her mouth, eliminating any hope of screaming for help. To Katrina's dismay, it appeared that neither of the other workers she had met earlier were around. Not that it really mattered in the end. She was dragged around the corner to a large, red van, in front of which stood the rich Mr. Vanni, holding a rope and piece of cloth he had apparently retrieved from his vehicle. Katrina's hands were quickly tied behind her back, then she was gagged and thrown into the back of the van. Her screams came out as muffled grunts.

Within a few moments, Mr. Vanni had gotten into the van's driver seat. "My guess," he began slickly, "is that you never really meant to eavesdrop on our conversation. But unfortunately, I have no method of knowing how much you actually heard. Therefore, I have to bring you with me on my little expedition. If you didn't already hear, my name is Mr. Vanni, and I'm heading out to the ice caves. Have you ever visited them before? ... Oh, but how silly of me! You can't talk."

He chuckled for a moment, then continued, "We'll be taking the back way into the cavern, if you don't mind. My colleagues are waiting there, and as far as any of the islanders know, it's very dangerous." Another arrogant chuckle.

The ride was short, but for the few minutes Katrina lay there, immobile, she was thrown up into the air more than once by the island's rocky mountain terrain. As the van grew ever closer to its destination, the girl was propelled violently upwards, and landed painfully on her left arm, though she didn't think it had broken. In that moment, Katrina realized that the bump had dislodged the knot from its position; the rope looked much looser as she glanced at her hurt arm. Within a few moments, she had wriggled her right hand free, and shortly after, her left. Katrina quickly removed the cloth from her mouth and desperately tried to get a grasp on the tan, leather seat in front of her.

But just as Katrina got her balance, the van stopped, and she was pressed flat against the seat. As Mr. Vanni opened the driver's door and stepped out of the van, the trainer scrambled over the seat in front of her and hoped the van's tinted windows would prevent the rich man from seeing her. Her only chance for escape would be to run out of the same door as Mr. Vanni and make a break for it through the mountains. Katrina flung the front door open.

"Is this your little prisoner?" said a voice from directly in front of her. He was wearing a pitch-black sweater and snowpants. On the shirt's front, a bloodred 'R' glared at the surprised teenager. Through the man's dark glasses, she thought she could see his eyes staring down at her and looking her over. Greasy black hair to match the outfit lay unkempt around his forehead and down to the bottom of his ears. In just a moment, Katrina found herself once again with her arms held behind her back, this time by strong, unrelenting hands, instead of a pitifully knotted rope.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

"So that's where you went, you little sneak," said Mr. Vanni smugly, slamming the back door of the van. "Watch out, Gorman, she has a nasty little habit of getting out of traps, it would seem."

The unphazed Gorman replied, "Don't worry boss, I'll see to it myself that she doesn't try to get away again. She can join our other snooping pipsqueak!" As Katrina was forced to turn, she saw nearly a dozen more people dressed in outfits identical to the one her captor was wearing. The one furthest from Katrina was holding a young girl, who Katrina guessed couldn't have been more than ten years old. Her hair was a pale pink color, and it was held back in two bouncy ponytails on either side of her head. Her scintillating sapphire eyes were wide with fear, and her smooth, childish face was quivering to the rhythm of her small, nervous mouth. The long, blue skirt she was wearing had become torn in a number of places, and Katrina couldn't help feeling even more pity for this little girl than she did for herself.

"What's your name, girl?" one of the other men rumbled.

When Katrina stubbornly refused to answer, Gorman shook her violently, and said, "He asked you what your name was, whelp!"

"Katrina, you *******!" she replied angrily. Gorman made a motion as if he were going to slap the girl, but Mr. Vanni intervened.

"Now, now, there's no need for all this animosity," he said in his oily voice, putting a hand on Gorman's arm. He then pointed to the other captive and asked, "Who's this?"

A vicious-looking woman with fiery red hair and a cutting glare responded haughtily, "We caught this little girl sneaking about in the woods on Three Island and decided it was for her own good that she be removed from the area."

"I wasn't sneaking! Honest!" sqeaked the girl, but she was interrupted as the woman began to speak again.

"The little pipsqueak's name is Lostelle," she continued. "Pretty name, if you ask me. Just like her pretty little face. It's too bad no one's ever going to see it again..."

"There's no reason to scare the girl, Carlotta," Mr. Vanni said as Lostelle began wriggling violently. The burly man that was holding her merely held her more tightly.

"Now, Katrina, allow me to introduce my 'inner circle' of Team Rocket members," he began, "You already know Mr. Gorman and the beautiful Carlotta (the woman smiled proudly at this), of course. I won't bore you with the others' names, but you should know that they're my most trusted officials, the 'cream of the crop,' if you will. There are some very rare Pokemon inside these caves that we're aiming to get our hands on, and anything you can do to keep quiet and make it very easy for us to reach our goal would be lovely. Shall we begin, comrades?"

Katrina felt herself being pushed forward by Gorman, whose breath was hot on her neck. At first, she tried to struggle for the Pokeball stuffed snugly in her right pocket, but found it was futile. After all, what could one little Charmander do against a whole team of evil gang members? She focused her thoughts on little Lostelle, and how she could get them both out of the gang's grasp safely.

As the motley crew entered the cave, Katrina found herself staring at walls of dull brown stone and earth. The group continued descending, and as they did, the girl noticed small patches of frost. However, as they got deeper, she also noticed that the amount of sunlight creeping its way into the cave was diminishing, until finally Katrina found herself and her captors in almost complete darkness. She heard someone's clothes rustling in front of her, and then in a blinding flash of red, a star-shaped Pokemon appeared. The dark red jewel on its front glittered and then illuminated the room with bright white light.

Katrina was mystefied by the glistening antechamber, so much so that she barely noticed how incredibly cold her exposed arms and legs were feeling. The Staryu's light rebounded off of everything, creating a dazzling display of crystalline icicles and glossy, ice covered walls. Areas of the floor were covered in sparkling frost that covered the pale brown ground. In some places, Katrina could even see sheets of ice that had formed, possibly from rainwater that had flowed into the cave, or groundwater from the ceiling. But she had no time to stop and stare, as she felt herself being pushed forward even more vigorously.

The girls were forced through dazzling passage after dazzling passage. As the group walked, Katrina noticed that Mr. Vanni, to her left, was growing more and more impatient. Beads of sweat were beginning to form above his tightly knitted brows, and he was muttering to himself. It was apparent that he had no idea where his destination lie in the cave. Suddenly, they came to a room with three halls leading from it, aside from the one they had just emerged from.

Mr. Vanni stepped into the middle of the room, clearly mystified. One of the other gang members stepped forward and said, "Boss, which--"

"Quiet, Johnson!" the rich man snapped, then said, "It must be this one," pointing down the passage to the group's left. He began walking towards it, clearly expecting his team to follow. When they didn't, he turned and yelled, "Come on, you lazy grunts! The Lapras aren't going to come to us!"

The man with the Staryu began walking forward, when suddenly, the ground began to shake violently. One of the black-clad men yelled, "It's an earthquake!"

He was half right. As the Staryu entered the passage after Mr. Vanni, a group of angry Piloswine and Swinub came into view. The Pokemon, apparently outraged at Mr. Vanni's infringement upon their habitat, were stampeding rapidly towards the group. The men and women panicked, running down one of the other hallways off of the chamber. An icicle fell behind Gorman, and as Katrina turned to see what had made the crashing noise, she saw Lostelle break free of her captor and run blindly down the third passage. In a rush of adrenaline, Katrina wrestled one hand away from Gorman's grasp and brought it around in a powerful uppercut. Her other hand was released as he fell, and the girl ran after the panicked Lostelle.

Katrina ran as fast as she could, but it quickly became apparent that she needn't waste her energy: the trembling had died down, and Katrina guessed that the angered Piloswine had followed the Team Rocket members rather than bother with the two girls. She heard Lostelle whimpering in the darkness, and made her way to where the girl was huddled up and shivering horribly, behind a large, grey stone. Suddenly, Katrina noticed how cold she was, and wished she had put on warmer clothing that morning. However, she quickly dismissed the cold and focused on the shaken girl in front of her.

"Are you all right?" Katrina asked Lostelle gently. The pink-haired girl bobbed her head quietly, clearly still to scared to speak. Katrina helped her up, then said, "Don't worry, I'll get you out of here." Without the Star Pokemon's bright light, the cave had become pitch black, so Katrina released her Charmander from its Pokeball. Its fiery tail lit up the cavern once again. The girls were walking quietly down the passage, when Katrina heard a muffled sniffling noise.

She turned, and saw a furry object, its coat matted with frost, moving toward them. It appeared that a Swinub had broken from the rest of the pack and followed after the girls. However, it was not moving with the angry pace that the others had been before. Katrina guessed it was friendly, though its presence only served to upset Lostelle once again. She squeaked and ran behind Katrina, holding the rim of the older girl's shirt for comfort.

"Don't worry, Lostelle, it's not going to hurt you," Katrina said warmly. But the young girl continued to squirm, so Katrina called to her lizard Pokemon, "Charmander! Use Ember on that Swinub!"

The orange-skinned Pokemon leapt into action, turning towards the furry scuffling Pokemon with its mouth wide open. A burning ball of flames formed in front of the Pokemon's mouth and flew at the Swinub. As the flames dissipated across the pig-like Swinub's body, the brown Pokemon let out a squeal. Suddenly, the ground shook, and a sharp-looking icicle shattered and fell from the ceiling. The shards battered the top of Charmander's head and his back. The lizard Pokemon cringed.

While Charmander was regaining its composure, to Katrina's dismay, Swinub was moving quickly towards her prized Pokemon. As the pig Pokemon moved, it kicked up ice from the ground, creating another barrage of razor-sharp shards that flew towards Charmander. However, on its trainer's command, the fire Pokemon shot a stream of sizzling flames through the cloud of crystals. The flames cut through Swinub's attack, buffeting the brown Pokemon and forcing it back away from the heat into the darkness.

"Okay, Charmander!" Katrina yelled. "Now trap it with a Fire Spin!" The girl knew that if her Pokemon could enclose the furry pig in a circle of flames, it would be unable to escape and the intense heat would slowly drain Swinub's health. Unfortunately, Katrina had failed to notice that Swinub was preparing an attack outside of the range of Charmander's tail. Suddenly, the earth in front of Charmander flew into the air as if a huge energy wave had been forced through the ground. The ground shook tremulously, and the orange lizard was soon engulfed in the frozen, flying earth. Its trainer watched on in horror as it was thrown into the air by the shock wave.

"Charmander!" Katrina gasped in desperation, as her Pokemon hit the passageway's low ceiling and fell back to earth. She ran, arms outstretched, and caught her precious Charmander before he hit the ground. The fire Pokemon had no energy left; Katrina called him back into his Pokeball in a flash of red light. Then, the cave was dark again. Suddenly, Katrina heard an almost miraculous voice call out from behind her.

"Go, Volbeat!" yelled Lostelle, her voice nervous and shaky. The firefly Pokemon appeared with a flash and the cavern was lit up with an eerie, greenish glow. The pink-haired girl turned to Katrina and said, "He'll listen to you."

The trainer was taken aback, but determined. "Thanks, Lostelle," she whispered to the younger girl, then, to Volbeat, "Let's brighten things up a little! Blind Swinub with a Tail Glow!" The murky light in the cave suddenly turned to a bright golden shine, then a pure white that forced the two girls to close their eyes.

Katrina, squinting, took advantage of the moment and yelled, "Now, Volbeat! Signal Beam!" The white light returned to its less blinding gold hue, but Swinub was still disoriented from the bright flash. The firefly Pokemon turned its shining tail towards its opponent, and used the heightened charge in its bulb to shoot a bright beam of colorful energy at Swinub. As the beam careened through the air, the passage was filled with a supersonic sound that reminded Katrina of the buzzing of an insect's wings.

After the supercharged burst of energy, Swinub couldn't take any more. It flattened itself against the ground in defeat, and Katrina threw a red-and-white ball at the beaten pig Pokemon. It bobbed from left to right weakly, then came to halt on the ground. The trainer ran forward to collect her new Pokemon.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

As Katrina picked up Swinub's Pokeball, Lostelle called out to her, "I have Potions! I can heal Charmander and Swinub so they can help us get through the cave."

"Wow, Lostelle," the older girl replied, "You seem ready for anything." The pink-haired girl just giggled.

"But now, we really do have to get out of here," said Katrina. "And I have no idea where we are anymore."

"Let Swinub and Chamander out. We can at least heal them," Lostelle responded. The older trainer complied, and in two flashes of bright red light, the lizard Pokemon and brown, furry Swinub found themselves sitting next to eachother on the cold ground. Charmander held its head in its stubby claws, clearly still in pain. The pink-haired girl sprayed the fire Pokemon with a liquid that stung its wounds, but slowly healed them as Charmander winced. Then she did the same thing to Swinub.

Suddenly Swinub jumped up in excitement, surprising both girls. They looked on in curiosity as it shuffled away down the passage, then followed quickly after it. Katrina yelled out, "Swinub, wait!" The pig Pokemon stopped its excited shuffle and turned to face its new trainer. Then the girl realized what her Pokemon was doing.

She asked, "Are you trying to show us the way out?" Swinub let out a happy cry and hopped up twice, then began its fast pace down the rocky cavern once again. As Katrina followed close behind, she suddenly noticed the light that shone at the end of the tunnel. But there was something strange about it...

Finally, the trainer was able to put her finger on what looked so strange. As she neared the source of the strange glow, she noticed that there was a wall at the end of the tunnel, and the light was coming from high up above. "So we're really just heading to a dead end, with a hole in the ceiling," she whispered to her companion.

"That's what it looks like," Lostelle replied. Then, the girls reached the end of the tunnel, and came upon a watery grotto.

"Katrina!" a young woman's voice yelled from nearby. "No!"

Katrina whipped her head around and found the speaker, her mouth open in disbelief.

"Lorie!" she yelled. Far off to the left side of the grotto, a young woman was being restrained by two burly gang members, one of whom Katrina recognized as her former captor, Gorman. Her hair, dark red like Katrina's, was cut just below the shoulder. She bore a strong resemblence to Katrina. Though Lorelei was just ten years older than her cousin, her face had taken on a much more mature look, topped of by the prominent frown lines on her forehead. Her nose was also slightly larger than Katrina's, and her eyes were an emerald green, unlike her cousin's blue irises. The dark blue cardigan Lorelei wore over her long-sleeved red shirt was askew on the young woman's shoulders, probably from being pulled by her captors, and the hem of her long, blue pants was torn. She struggled to break free of the men's strong hands, but to no avail.

"My, my," said a bilious voice from the shadows. "It seems as though our two little sneaks have come to play. And it appears that our third lovely lady and the feisty Katrina are familiar with eachother... Close friends, perhaps? But you look so uncannily alike... You couldn't be family, could you?"

Mr. Vanni walked entered the chamber out of the passageway across the grotto from the two girls, followed by the remainder of his squad. While he still spoke in his usual smug tone, Katrina noticed that his dark glasses, with one lens missing and the other cracked, hung precariously from the front pocket of his jacket, which was torn and dirty. There was dried blood beneath his nose, and his face sported numerous cuts and dirty smudges. He spoke again, "It would appear that some of my comrades were separated from the group after that horrible stampede. However, it also appears that they managed to apprehend yet another snooping young female! I must give them a raise when we've finished here..."

"You sick monster!" Lorelei yelled, continuing to fight the men holding her hands behind her back. "I know what you're doing, and I won't let you take the Lapras out of here!"

"Oh, you know about our little goal, do you?" responded the disheveled Mr. Vanni. "I must delve into that strange twist of fate when we've reached Three Island, but I fear this isn't the time for idle prattle. Johnson, the sound bomb, please." A man broke from the band of gang members and handed his boss a small, plastic device, which Katrina looked at curiously.

"You know, Katrina, many Pokemon have very acute hearing. Those that live underwater often have the most sensitive ears, since they have to detect and sort out all of the unnecessary vibrations. That includes Lapras, one of the most elusive... and most valuable... Pokemon in the world. If I press the button on this little device in my hand," he flashed the sound bomb in Katrina's direction, "it will emit a noise so high-pitched that the Lapras at the bottom of this grotto will be the only Pokemon able to hear it. It will naturally be very disturbed, and likely rise to the surface to find the source of the sound. When it does, my colleagues and I will capture it by force."

"No!" Lorelei screamed once more, only to have her mouth covered by a hairy hand.

"Are we ready?" Mr. Vanni said, to no one in particular. His comrades muttered agreement, and he continued, "Very well then. Five... Four... Three... You know, why not just press it now?"

And he did.

The result wasn't immediate. But then, after a few moments in which Lorelei increased her efforts to escape her captors' hands, the water in the grotto began rippling violently. Everyone in the grotto looked on in awe as an enormous column of water rose up in the air, as though sucked up by a tornado, and crashed back down on the shore, splattering water and people everywhere. The two girls and their Pokemon retreated back into the passage they had come from, but the rest of the people in the grotto weren't so lucky. Mr. Vanni's feet were swept out from under him, and the retreating water dragged him helplessly into the deep lagoon.

As he struggled to tread water and return to the shore, Lorelei took advantage of the situation to make one last attempt to wrestle away from the two men holding her. She spun and delivered a hard kick to Gorman's stomach as he made a grab for her, and he, too, was dragged by the receding waves into the lagoon. The other man rushed forward to help his boss and colleague, allowing Lorelei to run to her cousin and Lostelle. She grabbed both of them and smothered them with a tight embrace, only letting go when a monstrous roar filled the cavern.

A huge, blue Pokemon had emerged from the water, thrashing wildly and bellowing. The Lapras's eyes were closed as it winced in pain from the noise that Mr. Vanni's bomb had emitted. As Katrina stared at the aquatic Pokemon, Lostelle suddenly rushed forward. The older girl turned in surprise to see her run to the place where the sound-emitting device had apparently been thrown when Mr. Vanni had been hit by the wave. It was perfectly intact.

"Charmander!" she yelled, picking the plastic bomb up. "Target practice!"

Lostelle then hurled the device into the air, where it was hit by a blaze of searing-hot flames released from Charmander's mouth. Its remains landed in front of Katrina, melted into a pile of plastic and metal. Lorelei glanced from the bomb to the writhing Lapras and said, "That's not gonna be enough."

Suddenly, in a flash of bright red light, another colossal blue Pokemon had appeared in the water next to the first. It began singing softly, a peaceful melody that made Katrina feel instantly at peace, as though she had suddenly been cleansed of all of the day's events. The thrashing Lapras was slowly soothed, and after a few minutes, had stopped moving entirely. In a state near sleep, the monstrous Pokemon slowly sank beneath the surface once again.

"Now," Lorelei yelled to the soaked Team Rocket members. "Who wants a piece of my Lapras?"

This time, the result was immediate. The men and women left the grotto through the opposite passageway, cursing at Lorelei. Mr. Vanni, as he parted, replied, still smug, though distinctly shaken, "Don't think this is the last you'll see of Team Rocket in the Sevii Islands, you meddling little... Ah!" Lapras had released a beam of freezing energy in his direction.

When the cavern was empty of everyone but the young women, Lorelei turned to her cousin and asked, "Now, you have to explain how you got into this huge mess." Both girls told their stories, Katrina's about how she had been planning to take a cruise around Resort Gorgeous, and Lostelle's about being kidnapped in the Berry Forest on Three Island.

Lorelei listened curiously, only speaking after both girls had finished. She asked Katrina, "What time was your boat for Five Island supposed to leave?"

"Eleven," Katrina replied, "but why does that matter?"

Lorelei stared at the sun shining off of the long vertical column that led from the grotto to the outside world, then responded, "Because it's nearly three o' clock now. If we fly directly there, we can be at Five Island in an hour, and your boat will just be getting there. What time does the cruise actually start?"

"Five, but--"

"Then you'll still be able to go!" Lorelei exclaimed. "And I don't think Lostelle's father will mind if I send Lostelle with you; he's an old friend of Grandpa's." The two younger girls looked at eachother and smiled happily. Meanwhile, the young woman stood and called her Lapras back into its Pokeball, then released another large Pokemon into the grotto.

"Lorie!" Katrina exclaimed, surprised, "I didn't know you had a Dragonite!"

"Not many people do," responded the dark-haired trainer, "It doesn't really fit with the whole ice theme at Indigo Plateau, does it? Well, are we going to Five Island, or not?!" The two girls jumped up, called their Pokemon back, and clambored onto the golden dragon's back behind Lorelei. Then Dragonite rose into the air and shot up through the grotto into the bright sunlight. Katrina basked in the warm light, which instantly soothed her cold body.

Soon, the fliers were on a southerly course over shimmering blue ocean. The wind blew hard against the girls' faces, but Dragonite's wings beat harder, fighting off the headwind. Even though the wind was so strong, the great dragon Pokemon kept his riders perfectly steady, as though they were simply bobbing in the calm sea below. Katrina relished the entire ride, and decided that, no matter what happened on the cruise, this would always be the best part of her vacation. She became sad as Five Island grew steadily larger in the distance.

"Look!" Lostelle exclaimed when they were still miles from the island. She had spotted the dumpy little boat that was supposed to be carrying Katrina to Five Island. For a moment, Katrina was almost happy she had gotten herself kidnapped, because she would have had to ride the S.S. Floe otherwise. The girl only hoped that her baggage remained safe and sound. But as Katrina looked down towards the island, she noticed something else floating on the waves.

An enormous boat, ten times more magnificent than Mr. Vanni's S.S. Rocket, sat silently a few miles off shore. It was painted an eye-catching red color, and the two young girls couldn't keep their eyes off of it. "That's the S.S. Anne," Lorelei said, "It's one of the world's most famous cruise ships. You girls are certainly lucky. It's docked so far out because the water near the island is too shallow."

And then, in the blink of an eye, the incredible ride ended, and Dragonite was making a soft landing on the luscious, green grass of tropical Five Island. All three girls dismounted and took in the scenery, relishing the warm climate after their descent into the cold caves. The sun shone brilliantly through the cloudless sky, and the wildflowers of the island grew tall and sported vibrant colors, unlike the dull, stubby vegetation of Four Island.

As Dragonite disappeared in a flash of red light, Lorelei said to her cousin, "This is where I leave you, I'm afraid."

"You mean you're not coming on the cruise with us?" Lostelle squeaked in response.

"No," Lorelei said sadly, "Team Rocket's working all over the islands, including right here on Five Island. I've heard they have a base somewhere in the underbrush, and I need to find it and take them out before they cause any more trouble. Then I go to Three Island and clean up the mess..." She trailed off.

"But first," she said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small leather wallet, "Lostelle needs money for a tick--"

"No, I won two tickets, Lorie," Katrina interrupted. "They're in my bag on that boat over there... Oh! My bag!" The S.S. Floe had just docked, and the shiphand who had taken the girl's bag was dragging it off of the ship. Suddenly, he noticed Katrina, and his jaw dropped.

"But, Miss, weren't you--" he started.

"I move fast," Katrina replied, wanting to quell any curiosity on the sailor's part. She made a mental note of how bad the S.S. Floe crew was at keeping track of their customers, then took her bag from the young man, saying, "Thank you for the wonderful trip." He walked away looking bemused while Katrina dug her tickets out of the bag's front pocket.

"Here!" she exclaimed, flashing the large tickets at her cousin.

Lorelei just laughed and said, "Well, I have a little extra cash anyway. You girls buy yourselves something special." She handed the older girl a wad of bills.

"Thanks, Lorie!" Katrina said, pocketing the money.

"You're welcome," replied the young woman, "and I hope you enjoy the cruise." After another long embrace that Katrina hoped would never end, Lorelei walked away sadly into the nearby forest.

The two girls hurried back toward Five Island's harbor building, which was much larger and better kept than the one on Four Island. When they had reached a ticket window like the one Katrina had visited earlier that day, the older girl presented her tickets and said, "We're here for the cruise. How do we get to the ship?"

"Boats have been taking passengers out all day," the employee in the window replied. "That dashing specimen over there," he said, pointing to the miserable-looking S.S. Floe, "Is the last ship that will be taking customers out. As you can see, a few people are boarding already. It leaves in fifteen minutes, so I suggest you get on while you have time."

The two girls joined the scattered people boarding the boat, filled with excitement.

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It wasn't long before the girls found themselves screaming with delight on the shimmering, newly polished deck of the S.S. Anne. The deck was covered with people milling about and the air was loud with laughter. As Katrina and Lostelle admired the ship's magnificent features, a young girl in a white outfit made to mimic a sailor's clothes approached them and said with an honest smile, "Hi, I'm Brittany, and if you'll let me see your tickets, I can show you to your rooms belowdeck."

Katrina stared at the girl with a bemused look on her face, as though she were part of the majestic ship, then snapped out of her trance-like state and presented her tickets. The stewardess took the two pieces of paper, ran a hand through her stringy blue hair in thought, then said, "Right this way, please."

The two trainers followed Brittany across to the back of the boat, and then down a staircase into the ship's body. The three girls entered a large, opulently-decorated room, with a magnificent chandelier hanging from its high ceiling. The blue-haired stewardess narrated as she pointed to different parts of the chamber, "This is the ballroom. It takes up half of this floor, and the other half, which you'll find through that large door across the room, is primarily dining areas and kitchens. All of the bedrooms are below us, and the captain's quarters are above the kitchens."

The companions followed their leader to another staircase against the left wall of the huge ballroom, and found themselves in a long hallway adorned like that of a hotel, with soft yellow lights docked on the walls, which were covered in pale golden wallpaper and scarlet trimmings. "You're in room B150," said Brittany as she stepped off of the landing and turned to the right. The girls' room was at the very end of the hallway, across from an emergency staircase.

As they entered, the girls let out more screams of excitement. As she left, their blue-haired stewardess said, "Dinner will be served at six thirty, and there is a telephone in your room if you need anything, as well as a small refrigerator in the corner if you are unable to finish a meal. I hope you enjoy your cruise."

Two full-size beds were nestled against the back wall of the room, and Katrina threw her large bag down on the nearer of the two. Lostelle retreated to the bathroom situated by the door to their room. The older girl found a cruise schedule on the wooden desk along the wall opposite the bathroom. It listed all of the events and activities the girls could attend during the cruise, and as Lostelle returned to the room, Katrina exclaimed, "Look, Lostelle, they're having a spa service tonight for passengers' Pokemon!"

The girls continued talking until six thirty, when they left their room to go to dinner. The dining room was just as glorious as the rest of the ship. Though its ceiling was much lower than that of the ballroom, two crystal chandeliers lit up the room, which was decorated a pretty honey color. The cloth on the table Katrina and Lostelle were shown to was silky smooth, and flowed like water between Katrina's fingers. The table was set meticulously with shining silverware and napkins made of a soft lavender fabric. Soon after they sat down, a chubby man in a pressed suit that gave Katrina the impression of a penguin approached the table with his nose upturned in disdain, set down menus before the trainers, and said in a mockingly polite voice, "What will you young ladies have to drink this evening?"

Katrina suddenly felt very underdressed in the now-dirty clothes she had begun the day wearing, even though she was sure she would feel the same way had they been clean. The girl replied nervously, "Just a glass of water, please," and Lostelle ordered the same, though in a much more confident voice. Katrina decided to distract herself by opening her menu and looking at her dinner choices. In just a few minutes, the pompous waiter had returned with the girls' drinks, and they had both ordered large dinners; neither had had a chance to eat lunch that day.

After twenty minutes of talking to Lostelle and waiting for her food, Katrina got up from her seat and said, "I have to go to the bathroom." A large, brown sign on the far wall of the room marked the entrance to the restrooms, and the girl made her way towards it.
After Katrina had finished and was about to open the door of her stall, she heard the door open, and a woman's voice said, "Mr. Vanni didn't sound very happy." The girl froze. There were Team Rocket members on the boat. She scrambled silently onto the toilet cover, in case one of the women decided to check underneath the stall doors for eavesdroppers.

"As a matter of fact," the voice continued, "he was absolutely furious."

"Hold on a second," a second, much higher voice began. Both women were silent for a moment, and Katrina knew she had been right to hide her feet. Apparently satisfied, the same woman continued, "I had to make sure."

"Of course, Emma," replied the first voice.

"What else did Mr. Vanni say, Veronica?" asked the whiny-sounding woman.

"He said a trio of snooping girls totally wrecked his plans on Four Island, and he was going to come to Five Island tonight to make sure the team on the mainland didn't screw up. Then, he told me we were to proceed as planned. And those poor, stupid passengers won't have a clue what hit them!"

"Ha! I love being bad! We get the hottest guys, money, and rare Pokemon! What more could a sensible girl ask for?"

Katrina felt like jumping out of the stall and explaining what a sensible girl might ask for, but decided the odds weren't exactly on her side. Besides, it appeared that the two women had finished freshening up. They stopped talking, and Katrina heard the bathroom door open and close. She let herself out of the stall she had been hiding in, and walked to the row of sinks to wash her hands. Then suddenly, to her horror, she noticed the expensive-looking purse resting on the back of the sink next to the one she was using. Then the door opened again.

"Oh, hello," said the woman who entered, in a familiar, high voice. "I just forgot my--" Then the woman's jaw dropped. "VERONICA! We have ourselves an eavesdropper!" The other Team Rocket member rushed back in, as Katrina pushed the whiny Emma into the sink behind her, then careened straight through her comrade, and out of the bathroom.

Katrina knew she didn't have time to find Lostelle and get them both out of there, and besides, for the time being, the women didn't know who Lostelle was. The scared girl ran as quickly as she could out of the dining room, and back to her room. Katrina hoped that the women hadn't been close enough on her tail to see which room she had entered, but Katrina, locked the door anyway, to make absolutely sure. Then she threw herself down on her bed and fell asleep, exhausted.

Fifteen minutes later, Lostelle entered the room, and said, "Katrina! There you... Oh." She had noticed that her friend was asleep, and quickly became silent. In her hands, she held two foam boxes, which she then stuffed into the small fridge whirring in on top of the room's large mahogany desk.

Suddenly, a deep man's voice spoke on the ship's loudspeaker. "This is your Captain speaking. I hope you have all eaten or are in the process of finishing a delicious supper in our dining hall. For those of you who have not read the program placed in each of our luxurious rooms, there will be a special overnight spa service for all of your Pokemon. In half an hour, a steward or stewardess will stop by your room to pick up any Pokemon you wish to have refreshed and renewed! Please be sure to mark your Pokeballs clearly with your name and room number to avoid confusion. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your cruise." Lostelle hopped up at hearing the news, though Katrina remained asleep, and found her friend's Pokeballs inside the large bag at the foot of her bed. Then she dug a deck of cards out of the same bag and played with them until she heard a knock on the door.

"Spa Service!" a girl's voice called. Lostelle opened the door to find blue-eyed, blue-haired Brittany standing in front of the door, holding a large, velvet sack open.

"Do you want to have any of your Pokemon treated to a luxurious massage and grooming session?" Brittany asked.

"It sounds wonderful!" Lostelle said, reaching for the Pokeballs that she had left on the desk.

"Who's there?" Katrina said, suddenly awakening. When she saw Lostelle about to hand over the three Pokeballs, she yelled, "No, Lostelle!" and ran to grab the red-and-white spheres from her friend's hands.

"You don't want your Pokemon to--" Brittany started.

Katrina interrupted, however, and snapped, "No, we do not want our..." Then, she noticed how badly she had scared the stewardess. She looked into the pale blue eyes, wide with fear, and remembered how Lostelle's had appeared on top of the mountain on Four Island. The girl could think of nothing to do except pull Brittany into the room and lock the door behind her. The stewardess was horrified.

"Brittany, I'm sorry, but you can't take anyone's Pokemon," Katrina said, gently, in hopes that the girl would calm down. "Team Rocket has something to do with this, I know it!"

Lostelle gasped and replied, "Team Rocket... here?"

"I didn't get a chance to tell you what I heard in the bathroom, Lostelle. There were two women in there, and one of them said she had spoken to that rich man, Mr. Vanni. She said he was furious we had messed him up on Four Island, but that they were to 'proceed as planned.' Lostelle, I think the Spa Service is just a ruse to steal our Pokemon!"

"What's going on here?" Brittany asked, clearly not calmed at all by the explanation. The two girls did their best to describe what they had gone through that day. The stewardess remained uptight throughout their story, and could do nothing but listen in disbelief. When they had finished, she merely squeaked, "And now they're on the boat? Here?"

As Katrina opened her mouth to answer, an angry voice suddenly floated through the closed door. "Where is that lazy pig, Brittany?" The blue-haired girl couldn't believe what she was hearing, even more surprised at the insult than at the girls' story.

Katrina, recognizing the voice of Veronica, mouthed, She was in the bathroom, then was silent as another woman spoke.

"She's the only one that hasn't come back with any Pokemon yet!" Emma said, then continued, "We'll have to collect them ourselves."

Suddenly, there was a knock on Katrina's door, and Emma's whiny voice said, "Spa Service!" Lostelle motioned to Katrina, pointing at the room's small bathroom. Katrina understood and, as silently as she could, pushed Brittany into the bathroom and closed the door behind herself.

"Hello?" came the high voice again, as Lostelle opened the door into the hallway.

"Why, hi there, little girl," Emma said sweetly, and Katrina could imagine the woman's fake smile, like poisoned honey. The Team Rocket member spoke again, "Sweetie, would you like any of your Pokemon to be treated to a special spa service, including a luxurious massage, pedicure, manicure, and haircut?"

"No thank you," Katrina heard Lostelle reply, in the cutest little-girl voice she could manage. "And my daddy doesn't like me to talk to strangers when he's not around. Bye-bye, Mrs. Stranger." The door creaked as Lostelle tried to close it. However, the wicked Emma forced it back open.

"Look here, little girl," the woman said, clearly having lost her phony disposition. "All I want to do is make your Pokemon feel refreshed and relaxed. Now, hand them over!" Katrina, sensing that Lostelle was in danger, threw the bathroom door open and rushed out.

"Emma, it's her! And that Brittany girl!" Veronica screeched from outside the room. However, she was quickly silenced as Katrina delivered a hard kick to the woman's stomach.

"Go, Tangrowth!" the girl heard Brittany tell from behind her. In a flash of red light, a Pokemon resembling a mass of vines had materialized, and was wrapping its strong tendrils around the other Team Rocket member, who was trying to wrestle the three Pokeballs from pink-haired Lostelle's grasp. Emma gasped as the vines enclosed around her chest and forced her away from the young girl. The green Pokemon thrust the woman into the room's wall, where she lay still, slumped on the floor. Katrina grabbed up her bag, and the three girls ran from the room, shoving Veronica to the floor as they fled.

"Katrina, catch!" Lostelle yelled, tossing Charmander's and Swinub's Pokeballs to their owner.

"Brittany, take us to the captain's quarters!" Katrina said as the girls ran up the metal stairs that led to the ballroom, looking to the stewardess. The trainers emerged into a bustling chamber filled with music, and as soon as they had become lost in the crowd, relaxed their pace a little.

"The captain's quarters?" Brittany asked. "Why?"

"Because I think he has something to do with all of this!" Katrina responded, weaving her way through the dancers.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

The stewardess grabbed her by the shoulders and said, "There's no way Captain Ranier would let something like this happen on his ship, and he's been captain of the S.S. Anne for years! If Team Rocket was planning something for the passengers' Pokemon, Captain Ranier has nothing to do with it!"

"But that's just it!" Katrina exclaimed. "The captain wouldn't let something like this happen on his ship. If we find the captain, we'll find whoever's responsible for everything!" Brittany, unable to argue the trainer's logic, assumed a determined look on her face and began moving through the ballroom quickly. The other girls followed close after.

"There's a spiral staircase at the other end of the ballroom that leads directly into the control room!" Brittany yelled over the loud music. The girls quickly reached the stairway, which wound half way up the huge chamber's wall. The metal steps made loud clanging noises as they pounded up the stairs, but they could barely be heard over the ambiance in the room. Katrina just hoped that no Team Rocket members were present in the ballroom that night to see them ascending the steps.

The top of the staircase stretched horizontally into a long, shadowy hallway, at the end of which stood a metal door. The girls rushed through it, to be greeted by a sly man's voice, saying, "You've been very helpful so far, Captain. Keep it up and your passengers might make it back to Five Island alive."

The girls found themselves in a spacious room, though not nearly as large as the one they had just left. At the far end, a long control panel sat nestled in front of a wide window. An old man was seated at the complex machinery, with a tall man leaning menacingly on the back of his chair. The man spoke again, "Now, Captain, I'd like you to turn on your loudspeaker and tell your passengers that their curfew will be instituted in half an hour. That will give my henchmen plenty of time to do what they need to with those very valuable Pokemon."

At that moment, Katrina also noticed the other two men standing at either end of the control panel, staring out of the window. The captain reached forward for the button that would activate the intercom, but Katrina yelled, "No, Captain, don't do it!"

All four men turned immediately. The man who had been speaking took a few steps forward. He was just as well-dressed as the evil Mr. Vanni, though his skin was much darker and his facial features not as sharp. His voice, too, was not as oily as Mr. Vanni's, and had a somewhat raspy quality to it. He chuckled and said, "It appears we have company."

The two men on either side of the panel began moving towards the group of girls, but stopped when their leader continued, "Now, boys, we must get the formalities out of the way before such dirty work. Children, it would appear that you don't know who I am. Yet I might guess as to who you two are." He motioned to Katrina and Lostelle.

"Would you, Miss Red, be Katrina? And you, with hair pink like cotton candy, seem to fit my boss's description of the young Lostelle. Am I correct?" he commented smugly. "And you," he pointed to Brittany, "are wearing the distinctive garb of our stewardesses, though I doubt you were involved in the sabotage of the valiant Mr. Vanni's campaign."

"Valiant?" Katrina chortled. "Mr. Vanni was no more than a common slug, and neither are you!"

"That hurts me deeply, young Katrina," the man responded, putting his hand over his heart as if it had been pierced by an arrow. "And when something is hurting me, I tend to get rid of it. You, children, will learn not to mess with the great Cortez!" With that, the dark-skinned man threw a Pokeball to the floor. His henchmen followed suit.

As a finicky, white feline appeared in front of Katrina, she saw her comrades releasing their Pokemon as well. In a flash of red light, she sent her cherished Charmander to meet the evil man's Meowth in battle. Cortez reacted quickly, commanding, "Meowth, Slash that little pest into oblivion."

The Cat Pokemon extended its long claws and rushed at the orange lizard. Katrina yelled, "Charmander! Hide yourself in a Smokescreen!" The fire Pokemon's burning tail began emitting thick, black smoke. Meowth ran blindly into the smokescreen, as Charmander escaped out of the other side. Suddenly, the white cat emerged behind Katrina's Pokemon, and knocked the orange lizard to the floor. The Meowth pinned its opponent and began slashing at Charmander's snout.

"Hit it in the face with a Flamethrower, Charmander!" Katrina yelled, knowing her Pokemon had no other option. Charmander opened its mouth and engulfed his assailant in a stream of searing red flames. The cat Pokemon screeched in pain, letting go of its prey and leaping out of the way of the stream of fire.

By now, Charmander's smoke cloud had partially dissipated, and Cortez became visible through it. Katrina saw him frowning in anger as he yelled to his Pokemon, "Meowth! It appears our little friend knows how to play this game! Let's show her how it feels to be beaten into the dust! Night Slash!"

Suddenly, the singed cat Pokemon seemed to disappear in a flash of black energy. Charmander looked around, bewildered, and was knocked to the polished wooden floor again as Meowth barrelled into him, leaving a streak of darkness behind himself, then leapt away and faded to blackness again. Katrina thought quickly, then yelled to Charmander, "Cover yourself in smoke again!"

This time, however, the lizard Pokemon didn't emerge out of the other side. He continued enlarging the haze of black ash around himself, hoping Meowth would be unable to find him. Then, Katrina noticed part of the cloud's side being blown away, as if something had run through it. "Now, Charmander! Dragon Rage!"

And the cloud was sucked towards the orange lizard Pokemon as if caught in a tornado. It formed a tall column around Charmander, whose tail Katrina could barely see through the smoke. The flame was burning a fierce blue color, and the azure flames began to mesh with the swirling mass of smoke and ash. Then, with a ferocious scream, Charmander released his attack. The cloud exploded like a supernova, creating a shockwave of energy that flowed across the floor, throwing the surprised Meowth high into the air.

"More target practice!" Lostelle yelled from her own fierce battle, and Charmander, knowing what to do, sent another blast of orange flames at his adversary. Meowth fell to the ground, with a deranged smile on its face, and was unable to raise itself up. In a flash of red light, the cat Pokemon was called back into its Pokeball. Charmander, the victor, panted heavily, and Katrina decided to give her prized Pokemon a break. It, too, was recalled into its Pokeball, and replaced by Katrina's furry pig Pokemon, as Cortez reached for a second red-and-white sphere.

Then, in another burst of light, a lavender-colored moth had materialized, as its trainer commanded, "Venomoth, put that pig to sleep!" The bug Pokemon flitted around the room rapidly, and Swinub could barely follow its movements. A silvery dust fell from Venomoth's wings at it flew.

"Swinub! Blow the Sleep Powder away with an Icy Wind!" Katrina yelled. The pig Pokemon inhaled, then released a barrage of snow and ice at its opponent. Venomoth's glittering dust was swept up by the wind, and thrown back at the purple moth. The bug Pokemon answered with a windy attack of its own. It flapped its leathery wings, creating swirling gusts that sucked up the mess of particles and dropped them on Swinub. However, on its trainer's command, the pig Pokemon closed its eyes and braced itself for the blow. By holding its breath, Swinub prevented the sedative-like powder from putting him to sleep.

"Bring that bug down to earth!" Katrina yelled. "Mud Bomb!" The pig Pokemon opened its mouth wide, then began blowing a huge, brown bubble. As the sphere of mud expanded, Venomoth rushed towards Swinub, its head lowered in an attacking position. Suddenly, as Swinub released the bubble, the moth swerved up and out of the way. The murky bubble burst on the ground as the bug looped around for another attack. When it was just short of its target, Venomoth braked suddenly, and a burst of energy from its head careened into Swinub, forcing it backwards as though it had been hit by a cannonball.

"Venomoth!" Cortez yelled from across the room. "Make that pig squirm with a Psychic attack!" The purple moth flew away from its target, though it kept its focus firmly on the Swinub. Suddenly, the furry brown Pokemon began twitching wildly.

"Swinub! Don't let it control you!" Katrina yelled. "Clear your mind! Amnesia!" As Venomoth continued to focus its intense stare on its opponent, the pig Pokemon regained control of its body, and the twitching gradually slowed. Suddenly, Swinub shot a burst of icy energy at the purple moth. Venomoth was forced to relax its gaze as it dodged the freezing attack, allowing the furry Pokemon to regain total control of its movements. But the purple moth wasted no time in readying another attack. Neither Katrina or Swinub was prepared when the pig was buffetted by a blast of silver dust, and the brown Pokemon inhaled deeply, taken completely by surprise. It took just moments for Swinub to doze off.

In a flash, the pig Pokemon was called back into its Pokeball and replaced by Katrina's exhausted orange Charmander. Panting heavily, the lizard Pokemon found it hard to orient itself for a moment, but as Katrina said, "Charmander, you're my last hope! We can do this!" he assumed a determined look. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Charmander was knocked to the floor by the same Zen Headbutt that had taken a toll on his partner just minutes before. Katrina looked on in horror. Her Pokemon wasn't moving.

Then, there was a burst of blinding white light. Charmander's body was engulfed in the brightness, and Katrina watched as his form morphed, becoming larger. The light faded, and the orange lizard's skin had become a much darker orange. His claws were longer, and his snout sharper. The Charmeleon turned toward his opponent, flexed his new muscles, as if to test them, and then let out a terrifying roar. Hope flooded Katrina's body, and she yelled in excitement, "Charmeleon! Finish this pest off with a Flamethrower!"

Cortez watched in horror as his purple moth was engulfed in a wave of scathing orange flames, then as it dropped to the floor, badly burnt and out of energy. In a flash of red light, the Pokemon was recalled to its Pokeball, and Charmeleon pumped its fist triumphantly as his trainer did the same. Looking around, Katrina noticed that her friends' battles had long since ended, and the other Team Rocket members had fled the scene. The girl was wrapped up in a congratulatory group hug. They let go of eachother and turned to their adversary, who was standing across the room with a smug smile on his face. "This isn't over yet," he said, then continued, "Team Rocket has bigger fish to fry anyway. And while Katrina was so focused on her Pokemon, I made an emergency call to my grunts belowdeck. They've already moved all of the Pokemon off the ship. So, even though you think you've won... You've lost pathetically."

He laughed evilly, but was silenced by the large wings of the Pelipper that had been released behind him. Captain Ranier smiled, and said, "I can't thank you girls enough. I would have battled him myself, but there was simply no way I could have beaten him with all of his henchmen running around... But now, thanks to my inactivity, it seems as though my passengers have lost their precious Pokemon..." His smile had faded somewhat.

"Don't worry, Captain, we'll save them!" Lostelle said, smiling.

"I would offer to help, but I must stay with the ship. However..." The old man pulled a red-and-white sphere from his pocket and handed it to Katrina. "Dragonair can get you back to Five Island. Once you've hit land, just give her the Pokeball and she'll fly back here. I'm afraid that's all I can do for you."

"Thank you, Captain, and good-bye, for now," Katrina said, shaking his hand, then said, "Girls?" as she turned to leave.

"I can't," Brittany responded sadly. "Now that I think about it... I think that some of the other stewardesses may have been in on Team Rocket's plan. If they've fled with the rest of the gangsters, I'll be needed here to keep everything under control." She and Katrina embraced once again, and then the blue-haired girl took a step back to join the captain. The two trainers walked away, as the captain bid them a sad farewell.

Soon, they were flying just inches off of the calm, dark sea underneath the star-studded sky.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

Before either of the girls knew it, they had arrived on the silent Five Island. The moon and stars shone confidently through the impeccably clear skies like candles in a dark, empty room, casting eerie shadows over parts of the tropical island. The only sound that could be heard was the gentle wind passing through the sea grasses and the flowers that had withdrawn into their sepals to wait out the night. The girls faced the tranquil ocean as they watched the captain's Dragonair fly gracefully off into the dark sky with its Pokeball held in its mouth.

"What do we do now?" asked Lostelle, turning to the older trainer.

"We find a place to sleep," Katrina responded, reaching into the large bag she had saved from the girls' room aboard the S.S. Anne. "I think Lorelei gave us enough money." There were still lights on in a number of the houses and buildings scattered around the popular vacation spot. Katrina began walking across the sandy beach towards the island town.

"There's got to be an open hotel around here somewhere," she said, beckoning for her friend to follow. The girls stepped onto moist grass close to where the island's grey harbor building stood ominously, empty and dark for the night. Then Katrina noticed the long motel very close by. It was marked by a tall, metal sign illuminated by soft white lights. The billboard read, "The Fancy Five Motel" in blue, wavy letters floating in a painted sea. Beneath the sign lay a stout building that the girls assumed they could obtain a room at. Behind that building, a long, open hall of doors marked the motel's rooms. Katrina approached the former.

There were still a few lights on in the building, so Katrina guessed that it couldn't be too late. The glass doors in the front opened as the girls walked closer, welcoming them inside. They entered a well-decorated lobby, with a large, empty fireplace and a number of comfortable-looking red armchairs. On the walls were hung an assortment of artistic photographs depicting wild Pokemon. To the girls' left, a woman in a red vest stood, with a bored, tired look on her face, at a reception counter. Katrina approached her and said, "We're looking for a room to stay the night. Are there any openings?"

"Well..." the young woman responded, clearly hoping her shift would end soon, "It just so happens we do have one open room. But our rates are rather high, I don't know if--"

"We have money," Katrina replied, pulling the wad of bills from her pocket, where she had recently placed them. "How much for one night?"

The woman was surprised and said, "It's ninety-five dollars per night. You'll be paying in cash, I assume?" The trainer counted out the right number of bills, handed them to the receptionist, and in a few moments Katrina and Lostelle were exiting the building, the older girl swinging two key rings around one of her fingers.

"It's room number 240," Katrina whispered as the girls walked down the row of white doors on the motel's second floor. Finally, they reached their destination: the very last door, next to the building's shadowy end. Their room sat underneath the long reach of a tall palm tree, and the edge of the forest began where the back of the motel ended. Not wanting to remain too long exposed to the dark, foreboding trees, Katrina and Lostelle opened the door to their room and ventured inside.

The room was about twice the size of the dormitory the girls had been assigned aboard the S.S. Anne, though its contents were very similar. The only differences were the larger beds resting against the room's back wall and the television sitting across from them. The room also contained two large windows, which the S.S. Anne had not. The larger of the two rested above the girls' beds. Katrina opened it to allow the cool night air to flow through the stuffy room, then slid gratefully into her bed. Lostelle did the same, and the older girl listened as her companion dozed into a symphony of quiet snoring. Katrina only wished she would be able to fall asleep as quickly.

Her wish did not come true. The girl lay wide awake for nearly an hour, trying out new positions in her bed to attempt to find a comfortable one, but nothing helped. Finally, she accepted defeat, and just lay in bed unmoving hoping the soft sounds of the waves lapping against the shore and the wind rustling in the trees would put her to sleep. Then she heard it: A voice, beneath her window. A familiar voice.

"What do you mean, they're all gone?!" Mr. Vanni said, perhaps a little too loudly, because he quieted down so low that Katrina could barely make out his next words. "You can't be serious?"

"Dead serious, sir," said a man whose voice Katrina didn't recognize. "A woman with dark red hair and dorky glasses suddenly appeared and kicked out the truck driver. She jumped into the driver's seat and just drove away with all the Pokemon inside. We found the truck later on by the dock, but all of the Pokeballs had disappeared. She must have had help, or there's no way she could've gotten all of those Pokemon out so quickly."

"So you mean that all this work, all that money, has amounted to absolutely nothing?" Mr. Vanni rasped, having lost his usual oily voice to rage and utter disbelief.

"Well, not nothing," the other voice responded. "We still have two Pokemon that hadn't been loaded up yet."

"Just two?"

"Yes, but, sir, the two we saved were also the most valuable and rare of the bunch. Munchlax and Happiny don't exactly run rampant around the islands, now, do they?"

"Even if we could get a small fortune for those two, it would be nothing compared to what I've laid down for you incompetent little... Take me to the lab. I want to personally see to it that these last two get on to the boat safely. Everyone else has been transported back to Three Island, and I want to be back there by the morning." Katrina heard soft footsteps outside, then suddenly realized what she had heard. If the ship was here, on Five Island, and the other Team Rocket members weren't on it...

"Lostelle! Wake up!" she said, jumping to her feet and shaking her friend. She felt guilty about doing it, but this might have been the girls' only chance to get to Three Island.

"What, Katrina? Is it morning already? I'm still so tired..." the young girl responded, turning over.

"No, Lostelle, we have to get out of here now!"

"What? Why?" Lostelle asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Mr. Vanni's here. His boat's in the harbor, and it's going back to Three Island tonight!"

"We can't just sneak onto a ship, Katrina! There's bound to be--"

"No, he said they're all on Three Island! Come on, we have to go!" With that, Katrina grabbed up her bag and headed for the door, with the disgruntled Lostelle close behind. The girls walked silently down the staircase next to their door, and Katrina ran to drop her room keys in front of the lobby building. Then, they made for the empty harbor.

There was no one around to see Katrina and Lostelle walking across the short ramp that had been laid out on the dock for Mr. Vanni to walk across, and no one on the boat to see them enter the ship's inner sanctum. They traveled down a flight of stairs, and, seeing a foreboding metal door with a plaque that read cryptically, "Giovanni," they descended another flight, looking for a place to sleep, and found a long, plain hallway of closed white doors. Katrina hoped that what Mr. Vanni had said was true as she slowly opened the doors, hoping there was no one sleeping inside as she revealed an empty, wooden bunk bed, with immaculate, white sheets.

Lostelle made one last petition, "Are you crazy?" but the older trainer simply plunked down on the top bunk and fell fast asleep. The young girl followed suit, hoping no one would think to check the room during the night.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

Katrina woke up the next morning to see the first signs of shimmering light trickling through the porthole above her onto the floor below. She heard waves lapping gently against the sides of the ship, but the boat's interior was silent. The girl hesitated for a moment, unsure of whether she should disturb her companion's slumber or let Lostelle sleep. Even though Katrina wanted to do nothing more than lay back down and doze off silently once again, she eventually decided that there would be no better time than that moment, when the cruel Mr. Vanni would hopefully still be sleeping, to disembark.

The analog clock on the whitewashed wall across from Katrina read five-thirty. The trainer jumped down from her perch to the wall, picked up the knapsack that held the belongings she had planned to bring on her extravagant, yet interrupted, cruise, and began gently shaking the peaceful-looking girl sleeping calmly in the bed next to her. Finally, the pink-haired Lostelle woke up and began rubbing her eyes.

"Come on, Lostelle," Katrina said quietly, "I think we're on Three Island. And we need to get moving. But first, we need to make one pit stop." The older girl wasn't sure where Mr. Vanni had put the two Pokemon his grunts had managed to keep hidden during Lorelei's raid, but she intended to find the Pokemon and release them once she got back to the island.

"Katrina, I don't think we should--" Lostelle began, but she was interrupted.

"We've got to, Lostelle," Katrina replied simply. "Just follow me. If we don't find those poor Pokemon in a few minutes, we can get outta here." The older girl led her companion up the same flights of pristinely white stairs they had descended just a few hours ago, then out onto the ship's dock, where the morning sun was shining down on the calm, empty harbor. As Katrina had hoped, the ship's deck was still empty. A long walkway was extended out to the dock, and the girl wondered whether there was anyone left on the boat at all.

"I think we're clear," Katrina said, "if those Pokemon are still on the boat, there's only one place they'll be."

"Where?" her companion responded, still rubbing the grogginess from her eyes, though she knew what was coming next.

"Mr. Vanni's bedroom." Katrina wasn't sure why the door had read "Giovanni," instead of "Gio Vanni," if that was even his real name, but she knew it had to be where the evil man slept. She re-entered the ships interior, and upon reaching the large metal door, opened it quietly. The chamber was huge, with elegant decorations and luxurious furniture that Katrina thought was certainly fitting for the rich man. She wasn't surprised to see an empty, king-size bed across the room, though it did surprise her that the cage, still holding the Pokemon, was actually on the ship.

"Katrina, something doesn't feel right..." Lostelle muttered as the older girl walked forward to retrieve the cage from its place on an endtable by the large bed. The Pokeballs inside made soft clanging noises as they hit the bars of the cage, and Katrina rejoined Lostelle by the doorway.

"You know," Katrina said quietly, "we could nick just about anything we want from this room and he'd have no idea if we were fast enough." Suddenly, a door at the left side of the room opened.

"I think not," Mr. Vanni said, emerging from the side room, accompanied by two large grunts. The girls turned to run. As both trainers were running up the metal staircase that would lead them to the ship's deck and freedom, Katrina tripped on the edge of one of the platforms, causing the cage, and herself, to crash to the floor.

"Lostelle!" she screamed, getting up. The younger girl turned. "Take the Pokemon and run! I can hold them off myself!" Katrina handed her friend the cage and her bulky bag, then turned to face her assailants.

"No, Katrina! I won't let them--"

"Go!" The older girl yelled. Lostelle ran, and within moments had escaped the ship and was running frantically towards the houses that stood welcomingly in the distance.

Katrina was not so lucky. In allowing her friend to escape, she had cost herself precious seconds, and found herself once again in Mr. Vanni's clutches. He began admonishing her in his oily voice, "You stupid girl! We have cameras everywhere! We could have killed you in your sleep! Did you really think you could board my boat and not pay for it later? And now, you've cost us everything! You'll pay for this, Katrina, but first, I need to find that puny girl..."

One of Mr. Vanni's henchmen tied her hands behind her back, and she was thrown into the small, white room in which she had spent the night.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

Soon, Lostelle was lost among the cobblestone streets of Three Island Town, the affluent vacation spot for so many of Kanto's residents. She was terrified, confident that her older companion had been captured. She felt like giving up and going back home to Two Island, where she knew her father would be languishing in sadness until she showed up. But she just couldn't leave Katrina like that. They had been through too much together, and they were so close to bringing Team Rocket to its knees. That's when she heard the loud static from a nearby window.

"Good morning! This is Sevii Island News at six, live from our studios on Three Island!" Lostelle ran quietly to the house, sitting carefully out of sight beneath the windowpane to listen to the news with Katrina's bag and the two Pokemon placed gently beside her. She could only hope that the police had discovered Team Rocket was behind all this... Then maybe Katrina would be safe and sound.

"Our top news story this morning--" This was it! Lostelle perked up happily. "Mayor Tom Greene and the Three Island Government Council have been readying the town meeting hall for the informal hearing today at which the town council will address grievances by citizens concerning the motorcycle gang, The Cruisers, which they say have been terrorizing the island, and which may have been involved in the Pokemon Center robbery two nights ago on the island. We now go to correspondent Jack Ryan on Three Island for more coverage of this intriguing story."

"Thanks, Alex," another man's voice said, this one much deeper, older. "I'm here in front of the Town Hall, where people will be gathering at eleven o' clock to discuss the impact many residents have said the Cruisers have had on the peace and tranquility of the island. Inside, the town council is busily putting together an agenda for the meeting. I also have here citizen Julia Fawnsworth, who is heading the effort to rid the island of the motorcycle gang. Mrs. Fawnsworth, what would you say to the residents who claim you've been overreacting to the situation and who don't show your zeal for expelling the Cruisers from the island?"

"Jack, I would have to remind them that The Cruisers have been nothing but trouble since they got here. First they polluted our air with noise and noxious fumes, and the robbery two nights ago proves they have no regard for the property and comfort of the other citizens of the island. If they want to vacation, I suggest they find somewhere else to do so, because we good citizens of Three Island simply will not stand for their disrespect and carousal any longer!"

"Hear, hear!" came a man's voice from inside the house, though not from the TV. "Just think, darling. If those cyclists left after the hearing, we could bring our little Katrina back tonight!" Lostelle jumped up at hearing her friend's name. Suddenly, everything fit together. Katrina had been living with her grandparents on Four Island... and now this man said they could bring her back... and then there was the meeting this afternoon... The pink-haired girl ran to the door of the house and rang the doorbell.

"Now, who could that be at this hour?" a woman's voice said from inside the house. The pale blue door opened slowly, and Lostelle's heart leapt as she thought she saw Katrina in the doorway. Then she noticed the woman was taller, her hair laced with gray strands.

"Hello?" Katrina's mother asked, with a quizzical look on her face. "Wait a minute... That's Katrina's bag! Who are you! Where's my daughter!?" Lostelle found herself dragged inside, bag and cage in tow.

"Please!" the young girl yelled. "I'm Lostelle, and Team Rocket's got her!" Suddenly the woman stopped. She turned, with a horrified look on her face. The man Lostelle had heard talking earlier entered the room.

"Team Rocket," he said, "But... They disbanded over a year ago. They haven't been seen anywhere in Kanto since that debacle at Silph Co. But, Ava, what if... Little girl, do you mean to say those motorcyclists--"

"No, they're totally innocent!" Lostelle cried. Both adults were taken aback at the girl's bold proclamation.

"But haven't you heard the news? They've been robbing Pokemon Centers--"

"It wasn't them!" the trainer cried. "It's been Team Rocket all along! They stole the Pokeballs and tried to make it look like the motorcyclists had done it! They kidnapped me, and now they've got Katrina!" The woman that had been holding Lostelle's shoulders in a vice grip suddenly let go and fell onto a beige-colored couch. The man across the room ran his hand through his short blonde hair.

"You have to tell us everything," he said, motioning for Lostelle to take a seat next to his wife on the velvety sofa. She complied, and recounted what she knew, from being kidnapped the day before in the Berry Forest, to running away from Mr. Vanni's ship in panic, and she told as much of Katrina's story as she could remember. As she finished, Katrina's father suddenly sat up and looked at the polished, ticking grandfather clock on the wall opposite the couch.

"Honey! That hearing starts in half an hour!" he yelled. "We've gotta go!"

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

The Town Hall was a formidable building. It comprised two stories of solid, red bricks, adorned by the central entranceway, a semi-circle of polished marble formed into a set of elegant stairs and looming Roman columns. The morning sun coming in from the East was slowly making its way toward the height of its graceful arch, casting a radiant, golden glow on the hall's immaculately cleaned windows. In front of the colossal building, a mess of reporters had gathered in vans proclaiming their station's names: "Three Island News," "Channel 7: Kanto," "Pokemon World News..." the stream was endless.

Amidst the incessantly chattering reporters stood a woman in her early thirties, with black hair that flowed impressively down her back. The ebony of her eyes perfectly matched her hair -- until she turned towards the sun. Then, her pupils blazed with hellish flames, giving her pale complexion a sullen, ghostly glare. A reporter approached the woman and she straightened her dark red blouse.

"Mrs. Fawnsworth?" the microphone-toting man asked, taken aback momentarily by the woman's burning eyes. "Would you care to comment on how you believe the city council will rule at today's hearing?"

"Why, yes..." the woman replied, in an unctuous voice so unlike the one she used while speaking on TV. At that moment, the reporter called to his colleague, who was lugging a heavy-looking camera. The cameraman turned to focus on Mrs. Fawnsworth, and the reporter began speaking:

"This is Jack Ryan, reporting from in front of Three Island's illustrious Town Hall. I have here Mrs. Fawnsworth once again. She has agreed to comment on the outcome she forsees for The Cruisers at the end of the trial. Julia?" He put the microphone in front of the woman so she could be heard.

"Well, Jack..." Mrs. Fawnsworth began. As she continued speaking, the woman's thoughts were elsewhere... about ten feet behind the cameraman, to be exact. There, a man with shining black hair and dark, mirrored glasses had appeared. He looked angry, as if something had not gone according to plan, and he motioned to Mrs. Fawnsworth with a thrust of his thumb, as if to say, We need to talk. Now. The woman finished what she was saying and disappeared from the reporter's sight.

"What is it, Vince?" she asked, finding him in the crowd once more.

"I trust you've got this under control?" Mr. Vanni asked, looking increasingly agitated.
"Don't worry, Vince. I have the whole town wrapped around my little finger," the woman replied, stroking the side of her companions face seductively, and continued in a mocking voice, "What's the matter...? Poor wittle Vince..."

"I just don't need any more screw-ups!"

"Vince, you concentrate on getting ready for tonight, and I'll worry about the hearing. If everything goes according to plan, these pesky motorcyclists will be out by nightfall, and the police will let down their guard while we get out of here."

"If everything goes to plan..." Vince muttered.

"Mrs. Fawnsworth! A word!" a man's voice called from far behind the woman. She rolled her eyes and turned with a smirk to face this new reporter. Meanwhile, Mr. Vanni vanished once again into the crowd.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

Lostelle took her seat in the Town Hall's enormous meeting hall, in which hordes of metal folding chairs had been arranged to seat the many expected Three Island citizens. At the front of the hall, two rows of men and women, some in black leather jackets, were seated solemnly. The pink-haired girl was momentarily intimidated, but as she continued staring at the Cruisers seated just a few rows in front of her, she remembered what she was there to do.

The hall filled quickly just before the meeting began. The chamber became loud and rambunctious, filled with the reporters that had formerly flocked around the building's front steps, all talking, calling out to random citizens, or yelling at colleagues. Strangely, Lostelle noticed, The Cruisers were the only people who seemed to be sitting quietly, respectfully in their seats, yet they were the ones accused of disturbing the peace.

The hearing started with the loud rap of a gavel on a wooden podium, where Mayor Tom Green stood flanked by the rest of the town council seated in metal chairs. The mayor paused momentarily to adjust his plain black tie, then began to speak:

"Citizens, we have gathered here today to discuss the synthesis of ordinance and resolutions regarding what some believe to be the nuisance and possible danger represented by The Cruisers, a group of motorcyclists who have come to spend the summer on our beautiful island. I implore you to carefully and objectively consider everything you hear today when forming your own opinion and in helping the council to form future regulations. I will momentarily begin to call forward anyone who would like to comment on the current situation. First, however, Mrs. Julia Fawnsworth, who has been actively campaigning against The Cruisers since shortly after their arrival, would like to say a few words, followed by Monty Tremain, a member of The Cruisers who would like to speak on his group's behalf. Now, please give Mrs. Fawnsworth your utmost attention."

The crowd erupted into enormous applause as the black-haired woman made her way to the podium. She put her hands up, as if to ask the townspeople to quiet down, and they obliged, becoming silent as abrubtly as they had begun the uproar. Mrs. Fawnsworth batted her long eyelashes once, then stared directly at the crowd with fire in her eyes from the sun flowing in the hall's high windows. Lostelle thought for a moment that she recognized the woman as Mrs. Fawnsworth said, "Finally, it comes down to this: As Mayor Greene said, we are here to discuss The Cruisers, who have already proven they have no regard for our laws or our tranquility." The motorcyclists remained silent.

"Two of their number," Mrs. Fawnsworth continued, while motioning toward the two motorcyclists handcuffed in the front row, "have already been arrested for theft, and it is likely their colleagues will follow in their footsteps..." A shiver ran up Lostelle's spine, and the pink-haired girl was suddenly filled with anger as she realized that the woman had been on the S.S. Anne the day before...

"IT WASN'T THEM!" Lostelle shrieked. The words exploded out of her as she stood up, knocking her chair into the woman seated behind her. Lostelle suddenly sensed that every eye in the room was on her, and even the cyclists in the front row had turned, wide-eyed, to look at this strange defender. Mrs. Fawnsworth had stopped, and the blaze in her eyes turned into a vicious, deadly wildfire when she saw Lostelle.

The woman composed herself once more, though she continued to stare venomously at the girl that dared defy her, and scoffed as she spoke into the microphone once more. "And what would you know about it?"

Lostelle didn't need to see the black T-shirt, emblazoned with its bold, arrogant 'R' logo, to know where this woman's loyalties lay. The pink-haired girl could see it in Mrs. Fawnsworth's burning eyes - if that was even her name. Lostelle was so filled with anger that she thought her head might blow off. She yelled, "It's all because of Team Rocket!"

The crowd was immediately silent. Lostelle noticed the woman at the podium twitch momentarily, as if she were about to make a run for it, and she couldn't seem to find anything to say. Mrs. Fawnsworth was spared, however, by a balding man seated in the third row, just to the right of the podium.

"But I though they disbanded a year ago," the man said incredulously as he stood, in a deep voice that resonated off of the hall's high walls and ceiling. A murmur of agreement echoed the man's statement, and suddenly Lostelle felt she might be outnumbered by sheer mob psychology.

"No, they didn't!" Katrina's father boomed, suddenly standing as well. "When we first heard the Cruisers were in town, we, like the rest of the island, panicked, and sent our daughter, Katrina, to Four Island to visit her grandparents. This morning, Lostelle here (he gestured toward the girl), aooeared at our doorstep with this cage (he lifted it), and that bag (he pointed at the bag his wife was holding). As you can see, the cage holds two black pokeballs, each with the Team Rocket logo on them. And the bag... is my daughter's..." Lostelle noticed that a tear was glistening in his eye.

"Our daughter was kidnapped by Team Rocket!" Katrina's mother proclaimed, standing to place an arm on her husband's elbow and look into his upset eyes - hers gleamed with hope. An uproar erupted as the islanders began chatting among themselves.

"Order! ORDER!" Mayor Greene yelled, rapping his gavel on the table in front of him. He stood to address the crowd. "If this is true, then we must--"

"But it's impossible!" Mrs. Fawnsworth interrupted, having found her voice once more, though it had risen to a hellish screech. "Mayor Greene, censure this rabblerouser at once! She's spouting childish nonsense!"

"Mrs. Fawnsworth," the mayor continued calmly, though with a disgusted grimace, "I am sure I'm not the only one here who remembers the days when Team Rocket ran rampant, nor this logo, which graced every spare wall and signpost. Whether this girl is telling the truth or not, those Pokeballs certainly look authentic... Lostelle, would you bring them here?"

Katrina's father gave the young girl an encouraging smile as he handed here the cage. She made her way nervously towards the mayor, suddenly aware that every eye in the room was on her. She passed The Cruisers on her way up, and paused to look at them. The burly men and women looked at her as though they didn't believe she could exist - this miraculous savior. One of the men smiled warmly at Lostelle, showcasing a golden incisor, and, her confidence renewed, she walked the rest of the way to the podium.

The pink-haired trainer handed the cage to Mayor Greene, and he examined it, even trying the latch once or twice to see if it would open. It didn't budge, however, and after a few illustrious grunts, the mayor reached for the pocket inside his jacket. "Come on out, Charmeleon."

A blaze of red light, and the copper-colored lizard materialized, flexing its muscles. The mayor spoke again, "Charmeleon, I need you to melt these bars open." The Pokemon opened its mouth, and a laser-like stream of flames burst forth towards the cage, focusing on a bar opposite the cage's door. The metal began to glow a fiery orange, then grew lighter and lighter until it was almost a bluish color. As it reached that point, Charmeleon reached in and wrenched the bar apart, bending the top half up towards the ceiling of the cage, and twisting the bottom half downward. The Pokemon repeated this procedure twice more, until there was a big enough opening for Mayor Greene to extract the two Pokeballs within. He threw them to the ground, in order to see what was inside.

The Pokeballs burst open, though they seemed to suck away the light from around them, like black holes. The darkness subsided, revealing two small Pokemon. One, with rubbery pink skin and a large rock nestled against its stomach, began bawling as it saw all the people in the hall looking at it. The other, with blue fur all over its bulky body, yawned nonchalantly. Mayor Greene, still standing behind the Pokemon, wore a look of horror as he looked at them.

"I think this is proof enough that Team Rocket is certainly operational in these islands. No trainer would do this to their Pokemon..." He bent down to pick up the Happiny and comfort it, then turned the pink Pokemon so the audience could see its back. Lostelle had an almost insatiable urge to wretch as she saw the immense R tattooed grotesquely on the poor Pokemon's back.

"Oh my God!" someone gasped behind Lostelle. The Munchlax also had a Rocket logo tattooed on its stomach, where its fur was shortest.

"Lostelle, I'm going to hand these Pokemon over to the police, so they can find out if they are owned by other trainers," Mayor Greene said to the young girl. Then, he turned to the crowd of people, "I am adjourning this hearing. It is clear to me that there is more at work on this island than we expected. Cruisers, you are free to remain on or leave the
island. Pending further investigation, you two (he spoke directly to the Cruisers in handcuffs) are also exonerated. I assure you every effort will be made to put an end to whatever Team Rocket has planned in the Sevii Islands. Any citizen with information should--"

He was interrupted by an evil cackle that turned heads all over the auditorium. "'[i]Put an end to Team Rocket!' he says!" Mrs. Fawnsworth shrieked. "Bumbling Mr. Mayor, I think it's time I put an end to you! Gyarados, GO!" She whipped out a Pokeball, and in a flash, a monstrous blue dragon had appeared in the hall. Left and right, citizens began screaming and trampling each other to get to the exits. The Cruisers, however, stepped forward.

"You won't be hurting anyone else," one of the men in black leather jackets said, his face marred by a black scar reaching from his angry, black eyes to his lips, tightly pressed in a frown. He raised a Pokeball, and a stream of light blasted forward. An Electabuzz raised its arms and screeched, sending a crackle of electricity ripping through the air at the Gyarados. On the man's side, the other motorcyclists sent out their Pokemon, until the assailant was surrounded, and the man spoke again.

"Mayor, we've got this under control. You get yourself out of here." He then turned to Lostelle and bent down to her face, and she noticed that it was the same man who had smiled at her as she brought the cage to the front of the room. "Little girl, I don't know who you are... But thank you."

"Come on, Lostelle," the mayor said, placing his arm on her shoulder. "I need to talk to you, so you can help us find Team Rocket." She looked behind herself, and noticed that Katrina's parents had remained in the room as well. They ran up to meet her, smiling brightly.

"My office is just down the road," Mayor Greene said, leading the three of them from the large hall.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

The mayor's office was not nearly as large as Lostelle had imagined it. The room had just enough room for the four people. Mayor Greene sat in a large, red leather chair behind his polished mahogany desk, cluttered with papers and writing utensils, a laptop, and a picture of a young woman with two small children. The walls were covered with a plain, white wallpaper, and the back of the room contained an enormous, airy window that opened onto the cobblestone street outside. Lostelle and Katrina's parents took seats across from the mayor.

"Now, Lostelle," he said softly, "you must tell me everything that you think may lead to the capture of the rest of Team Rocket."

"That's easy," Lostelle said, to the surprise of the three adults. "I know where their hideout is." The mayor raised his eyebrows.

"What? How?" he exclaimed.

"When they kidnapped me in the Berry Forest, on of the Team Rocket members let slip that 'it wouldn't be prudent to have a little girl running around the hideout.' Or something like that."

"I can't believe it," the mayor said, still staring at the pink-haired girl in disbelief. "Team Rocket, right under our noses... and I didn't even have a clue. But, would you mind telling me... the whole story?" She obliged.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

Half an hour later, and a private helicopter had arrived on Three Island, to the amazement of the citizens who lived close to the Town Square, just in front of the large hall where police were leading a rather frazzled Mrs. Fawnsworth down the steps to a squad car. Just a few feet away were standing the Mayor with Lostelle and Katrina's parents. It had been decided that the young trainer should be returned to her home on Two Island. The helicopter blades whipped up a small flurry of dust and cobblestones, then touched down. Almost immediately, a man with receding, brown hair and a face deeply wrinkled from stress jumped out of the chopper, and ran to his daughter, crying heavily.

"Lostelle!" he wheezed, holding her as tightly as possible. "Your mother and I thought we lost you..."

"I'm all right, Dad," she responded. "But a bath would be really nice." Her father laughed as he rubbed Lostelle's face, caked with dirt from the girl's adventures.

"Thank you again, Lostelle," Mayor Greene said, stepping forward to shake her hand enthusiastically. "You may have saved The Cruisers, and the entire island, from a terrible fate. You are always welcome here, I assure you."

Katrina's parents also stepped forward, both hugging Lostelle in turn. "Thank you so much," Katrina's mother whispered into the girl's ear. Lostelle noticed the woman was softly crying, and the pink-haired girl knew that Katrina's parents must terribly miss their daughter the way her own father had.

"Don't worry, they'll find Katrina," Lostelle said, to a renewed sob from the woman.

"Come on, sweetie, let's go home," her father said, leading her into the helicopter. As the flying machine lifted off of the ground, Lostelle tried to take one last look at the adults standing on the ground, smiling warmly and waving. A few moments later, and they had become the size of ants on the ground. A few more, and all Lostelle could see was a stretch of rolling, blue ocean. Then she fell asleep in her father's arms.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

Katrina had been sitting with her hands and legs tied and her mouth gagged beneath the huge tree for hours, resisting the taunts of the Team Rocket members assigned to watch her. For the moment, the man on guard was occupied with a Wurmple that had accidentally dropped from a nearby tree, so Katrina redoubled her efforts to undo her bonds, which this time seemed impossible.

The red-haired girl didn't know exactly where she was, but she knew it was part of the Berry Forest, and she knew it was the late afternoon. The immense trees in the forest had taken on a mystical golden glow in the dying sunlight. She was seated at the edge of a large, grass-covered clearing, at the foot of a giant tree that gave off the fragrant aroma of fruit. Katrina had looked up longingly a number of times at the plant's high branches, covered in pudgy blue Oran berries. However, the young girl hadn't been fed the entire day. Earlier, her stomach had ached terribly, but she had gotten used to it. Katrina had spent most of her time sleeping beneath the forest's high canopy.

Suddenly there was a commotion, and Katrina heard raised voices in the distance. Then another black-clad man burst into the clearing, and, after pausing to roll his eyes at his colleague's eager pursuit of the pink bug Pokemon, said, "Mack, the boss says we're getting out of here. Now. Leave the girl." A moment later, both men had left the clearing. Katrina began struggling as hard as she could against the ropes that bound her, but it was no use. Behind her, the girl could hear sticks breaking and leaves rustling, and more yelling.

But this time, the tall man that ran flying into the clearing was dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He had smiling, brown eyes, currently marred by his furrowed, bushy eye brows. His short, brown hair was dark with sweat, as was his shirt. The two stared at eachother for a moment, then Katrina recognized the man who resided next door to her family every summer on Three Island. "WOAH! Katrina!" he yelled, overcome with surprise. He was immediately on the ground behind the girl, undoing her bonds himself.

"Thanks, Barry," Katrina said appreciatively when her gag had been removed, rubbing her wrists, in pain from the ropes that had cut into them. Then she noticed the black bag that Barry was toting on his back.

"Hey, you got anything to eat in there?" she asked, pointing to it. "I'm absolutely starving."

"In here?" Barry responded. "Uhh... yeah! I think I stuffed a bag of chips in there the other day... Can't remember if I ate it, though..." After rummaging around for a moment, the man pulled out a bag that crackled loudly, and Katrina's mouth began to water in anticipation of the salty snack. Just then, an entire search party also entered the clearing in surprise.

"Hey, we've got her," another man said into a walkie-talkie before offering Katrina his water bottle.

"Listen guys," the girl said when she had finished eating. "You got here just a minute after my guard left. Team Rocket's gotta still be around here somewhere, and they've got my Pokemon!"

"Don't worry, we'll find them," the man with the walkie-talkie consoled her, before motioning to his group to keep moving. "Barry, you'll stay here until someone comes to pick Katrina up?"

"Of course," Katrina's friend replied.

"No way!" Katrina exclaimed suddenly. "I'm going to find my Pokemon!"

"Wait," Barry responded. "You can't just go wandering off on your own." He reached to his belt and unclipped two Pokeballs. He released the Pokemon within, revealing two Pokemon with orange fur. The first had six long tails, the second was adorned with black stripes.

"Vulpix, Growlithe," Barry addressed his Pokemon, "I'm lending you to Katrina here for a little while. Be good to her, okay?" The Growlithe stared momentarily at the girl, with his head tilted to one side curiously. Then, the Pokemon grunted his approval, just a moment before he was sucked unceremoniously back into his Pokeball. Barry tossed the two spheres to Katrina, who caught them both and stuffed them in her pocket. Suddenly, the girl heard more leaves crunching behind her.

"Oh, dear," a voice said. "Someone is releasing the prisoner. No, this will never work at all..." Katrina whipped around to see Gorman, sporting a five-o'-clock shadow, his greasy black hair just as messy as ever.

"Sorry, girlie, but you're going to have to come with me," the vile man continued, reaching for Katrina. Bursting with rage, the girl suddenly balled her right hand into a fist and plunged it into the man's unctuous mouth. Retracting her hand, Katrina stared at it for just a moment, as if not believing she had really

"You're going to pay for that!" Gorman exclaimed, spitting blood onto the foliage-covered forest floor. However, before the man could say another word, a flash of bright light revealed a Pokemon with a slender, tan body and round, brown stripes on its tail. The Furret moved in between Katrina and Gorman, preventing the man from touching her.

"Run, Katrina!" Barry yelled. "I'll take care of this filth!" She didn't need him to say it a second time. Checking to see that Barry's Pokemon were still safely inside her pocket, Katrina sped around Barry and deeper into the golden woods.

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Default Re: The Sevii Island Medley

The sun was beginning to go down in earnest by that point, and with the canopy as thick as it was, the forest was beginning to take on an eerie, gray glow. The brown and gray tree trunks seemed more contorted and wizened than ever in the receding light, creating long, foreboding shadows. Only once in a while, Katrina saw a place where the canopy was spread apart enough for the setting sun's orange rays to peek through the trees, creating a cascade of beautiful lights on the trees' yellowed leaves. Suddenly, Katrina caught a whiff of something sweet on the soft, warm breeze making its way through the forest. She turned to find that a small tree sat on her left, holding more Pecha berries than the girl had ever seen in one place, and a couple of branches hung just low enough for Katrina to reach.

She picked one of the plump, pale pink berries and devoured it, relishing the sweet taste after so long without food. After that, Katrina began digging in ravenously, until she had left a small pile of berry pits on the ground. After she had eaten her fill. Katrina felt it must be time to rest after running. The wind had picked up, and was creating a gentle, whistling noise as it traveled between the trees and cooled the sweat on the red-haired girl's face. She sat back against the fragrant trunk of the Pecha plant, for a moment imagining that she was back home with her parents. Then, the dream was broken by a strange, melodious murmuring high above Katrina.

For a moment, the trainer thought that the sound must have simply been the wind, but it grew louder suddenly, as though the source of the sound had dropped suddenly from high in the canopy down to the ground. Then, Katrina heard a strange whooshing sound, and the humming became quieter again, though she felt that it was coming from somewhere to her right this time.

There was another whoosh directly above the trainer, and she looked up to see a small, white figure with green hair. The Pokemon looked down, and seeing Katrina staring at it, stopped its humming and disappeared. Then, in a tree across the small clearing,the Pokemon reappeared. Katrina gazed at the Pokemon for a moment, then noticed something strange. The Pokemon's hair had changed from green to blue. A moment later, the blue-haired figure teleported away as quickly as it had appeared. For nearly a minute, the clearing was quiet again. Katrina laid back once more against the tree behind her, and closed her eyes.

"Ralts!" something squeaked. Katrina opened her eyes once more, and found that directly across the clearing from her, two nearly identical white figures were standing, holding hands and looking directly at her. The one with green hair yelled again, as if challenging the trainer. Now able to get a good look at the Pokemon, Katrina recognized the Pokemon.
"Go, Growlithe! Vulpix!" she cried, releasing Barry's Pokemon from their Pokeballs. The orange fox and fiery dog materialized in the clearing and took their battle stances, awaiting orders. However, the two Ralts didn't wait. The blue-haired Pokemon focused directly on Growlithe, and Katrina saw its eyes begin to glow.

"Growlithe! Use your Flame Wheel on the blue one!" Katrina yelled, hoping to break the dog Pokemon out of its trance. But it was too late. The Growlithe began to wobble, then almost tipped over as it stepped forward.

"Vulpix, Tackle Growlithe to wake it up!" came the next order. The fox Pokemon did so, just heavily enough to break Ralts' gaze and bring Growlithe back to coherency.

"Now, Flame Wheel, Growlithe!" The dog Pokemon picked itself up and charged at the Ralts with blue hair, its eyes blazing. Growlithe pounced, but was thrown back powerfully. Katrina watched as the green-haired Pokemon lowered its arms, dissipating the forcefield it had placed around its partner.

I can't hit either Pokemon if the other is going to shield it, Katrina thought. However, while she was contemplating a new strategy, she missed the movements of both her opponents. They had both raised their arms, and were concentrating on a focal point between them. Suddenly, a sphere of energy appeared at that point and began to grow larger, pulsing with bright white light.

"Vulpix! Use Confuse Ray on the green one!" Katrina yelled, having seen the ball of psychic energy. She hoped that Vulpix's attack would decapacitate the green Ralts just long enough for her to attack the blue one. Vulpix's eyes flashed, and a stream of light blazed between the fox and its target. The green Pokemon broke off its connection to the Psychic attack in a daze, and began to stare up at the trees. Meanwhile, its partner looked over, concerned, and let out a loud screech as the sphere of energy flew at Vulpix, hammering it into a tree.

"Quick! Flame Wheel NOW!" Katrina shrieked, as the blue Pokemon had its backed turned to look at its partner. It wheeled about as Growlithe charged once more, covering itself with flames. The dog Pokemon barrelled into its target, bringing both Pokemon to the ground as Vulpix picked itself up. Meanwhile, the green-haired Ralts was sending short bursts of energy flying into a bush, still confused from the fox Pokemon's attack.

"Vulpix, use Fire Blast on the green one!" Katrina ordered, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity. The orange fox opened its mouth, and with a yell, began inhaling. A ball of flames appeared as Vulpix continued sucking in air to feed to the attack. The sphere burned brightly, and Katrina could feel it heating the air around her. Then, with another loud cry, Vulpix readied itself to release the superheated attack.

What happened then was almost too quick for Katrina to take in. Suddenly, Growlithe flew through the air with a yelp, and in a streak of white, the blue haired Ralts careened into its partner, pushing her out of the way and taking the enormous stream of flames head-on. The Fire Blast dissipated, leaving a trail of singed grass and a blue-haired Ralts, badly burned in some places, unconscious on the forest floor, his eyes closed. The green Ralts had snapped out of its confusion, thanks to its partner's attack, and turned to face its opponents.

"Come on back, Vulpix," Katrina said, wanting to give the Ralts a sporting chance. The green-haired Pokemon took the moment to rest itself and calm down. It glowed with a white aura for a second, but the light died down, and Katrina wondered what it could have been doing. Her question was answered a moment later, when a ball of bright energy flew at Growlithe, without seemingly being charged at all. The dog Pokemon jumped out of the way, however.

"Growlithe, use your Take Down!" Katrina yelled. The orange dog ran at its target, only to be met with another forcefield, blocking its way forward.

"Growlithe! Flamethrower!" The Pokemon opened its mouth, and a stream of bright orange flame broke through the forcefield, searing the green-haired Ralts. The psychic barrier disappeared, and Growlithe charged at its opponent, tackling her to the ground. Growlithe growled at the Ralts, but found itself rising into the air inside a pink bubble of energy. It whimpered for a moment, but then found its courage once more.

The Roar ripped through the trees, even startling Katrina. Growlithe's scare tactic seemed to work, however, as it fell back to the ground, its assailant intimidated. Katrina jumped happily and said, "Growlithe, finish it with another Flamethrower!"

The orange flames blazed from Growlithe's mouth once more while the Ralts turned and raised its arm, using the last of its energy to erect one more barrier. The two wrestled back and forth for a moment with their energy attacks. Ralts kept pushing forward with its barrier, blocking the flames from touching it, but Growlithe redoubled its efforts to spew flames. Finally, it became too much for Ralts. Growlithe's stream of flames built up so large that it broke through once more, engulfing its target in burning fire. When the flames cleared, Katrina found the green-haired Ralts laying quite close to its partner.

"What's going on in here?" a voice said suddenly. Looking beyond the Ralts, Katrina saw a young man with blond hair standing at the edge of the clearing. He looked down at the two Ralts, unconscious among the soft layer of fallen leaves, and said, "I thought we were supposed to be looking for the Rocket hideout?"

"Who are you?" Katrina inquired, not recognizing the man's friendly face, covered for a moment in sweat, his hair plastered to his forehead. The man's blue eyes looked into Katrina's for a moment, but he then looked back down at the fainted Pokemon.

"I'm Ron," he replied. "Everyone was running into the forest to find Team Rocket, so I joined in, too." He gazed at Katrina for another second, puzzled.

"Wait a sec," he continued. "Aren't you that girl their all looking for? Katrina?"

"That's me," she responded, smiling. "I was running from one of those Team Rocket goons when I found this Pecha tree behind me." She pointed to it.

"They didn't feed me all day, so I ate a bunch of them, and then I met these two Ralts. But I don't have any Pokeballs to catch them with."

"Here. I'll lend you two of mine," Ron said, tossing her a couple of red-and-white spheres. She dropped them on the fainted Pokemon, and the balls sucked them in and sealed tightly. They wiggled back and forth for just a moment, then became still. Katrina picked them up and stuffed them in her pocket with Vulpix's, then thanked Growlithe for a job well done and recalled him as well.

"Listen," Ron said when all this was done. "I just got a call on my walkie-talkie a minute before I heard your Pokemon making all that noise. I think they found the Rocket base. Come on." Katrina followed close behind as the sun finally fell beneath the horizon.

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