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Items List


Poke Ball This ball will capture Pokemon
Great Ball This ball has better chance capturing Pokemon
Ultra Ball This ball is better than Great Ball
Safari Ball Use this top capture Safari Zone Pokemon
Antidote Cures Poisoned Pokemon
Burn Heal Cures Burned Pokemon
Ice Heal Cures Frozen Pokemon
Paralyze Heal Cures Paralyzed Pokemon
Awakening Wakes up Sleeping Pokemon
Full Heal Cures all conditions
Potion Restores some life (HP)
Super Potion Restores more life than Potion
Hyper Potion Restores more life than Super Potion
Max Potion Restores all life
Full Restore Completely restores all life, and heals all conditions
Revive Makes a Pokemon alive again when in K.O. status
Max Revive Same as Revive but restores back more life
Rare Candy Increases a Pokemon's level by one
HP Up Increases Pokemon's overall HP
PP Up Increases Pokemon's attack PP
Protein Increases Pokemon Attack Power
Iron Increases Defense
Carbos Increases Speed
Calcium Increases Special Ability
X Attack Increases Pokemon's Attack during a battle
X Defend Increases Defense during a battle
X Special Increases Special during a battle
X Speed Increases Speed during a battle
X Accuracy Increases Accuracy during a battle
Guard Special Disables enemy Pokemon's Special Attack
Dire Hit Increases your Pokemon's attack in battle
Bike Use this to travel faster
Escape Rope Use this in a cave and you will go to PokeCenter
Repel Keeps wild Pokemon from popping up
Super Repel Last longer than Repel
Max Repel The most strongest Repel there is
Poke Doll Use on wild Pokemon to escape safely
Silph Scope Allows you to see Ghost Pokemon
Poke Flute Wakes up sleeping Pokemon
Old Rod Use to fish for Water Pokemon
Good Rod Able to fish for better Water Pokemon than Old Rod
Super Rod The best Rod there is
Item Finder Helps you find hidden items you can't see
Exp All Shares experience with other Pokemon that didn't fight
Coin Use this at the Game Corner
Coin Case Use this to hold up 9,999 Game Corner coins
Fresh Water Restores some HP
Soda Pop Restores more HP than Fresh Water
Lemonade Restores more HP than Soda Pop
Fire Stone Use to evolve some Fire Pokemon
Thunder Stone Use to evolve some Electric Pokemon
Water Stone Use to evolve some Water Pokemon
Leaf Stone Use to evolve some Grass Pokemon
Moon Stone Use to Evolve some other Pokemon (Clefairy, etc)
Helix Fossil Bring it to Pokemon Lab on Cinnabar Island (Kabuto)
Dome Fossil Do the same (Omanyte)
Old Amber Do the same (Aerodactyl)