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Fossil Magmar



I've been preaching the best card in the whole TCG at my Pokemon league for awhile and of course some of my friends believe that there's no question its fossil Magmar. If you examine its attacks they may not look appealing to to the hay-maker players because they don't pack much of an oomph (I guess that's how you spell it) But if you look at it he can poison which is REAL un-common for a fire type believe me. Still not convinced yet ? Well lets say you poison him and guess what poison checks come before and after your opponents turn so you just did 20 damage and its not even your turn. But lets say you poisoned him and then do smoke-screen he may not even attack you, I know 10 damage for smoke screen may not look appealing but if he doesn't hit you your still doing 20 for poison and then 10 for smoke-screen.

Believe me now that Fossil Magmar is good if you still don't (And I don't know how) look at his HP and retreat cost 1 for retreat and 70 HP and he is an un-common making this fiendish fire type easy to have with-out running up your decks price value. His attacks are low only one fire for smoke-screen and two for smog. Not to sound to crazy I use four of these guys in my deck making sure I at least get one on my first hand. They can also make a good staller with smoke screen and 70 HP you can keep this bad-boy out for a while.